Midland Combustion Ltd


We design and manufacture an extensive range of PROCESS electric immersion heaters integrated wtih the very highest standards of engineering.

We always aim to exceed our customer's expectations with outstanding quality and with continual development of products and services we can prosper our employees and looking after issues like the environment.

Our electric immersion heaters are one among the many ranges of heating systems, pumping systems and process systems we develop and supply.

Atex Heaters

Heaters qualified as Atex heaters pass legal requirements and Atex heaters are safe to use in explosive atmosphere. Our range consists of Midcom heaters ideal as booster, ring main, combustion and oil PROCESS and  water heating systems.

Midcom's flame-proof, removable core electric line heaters work with the most tough oils and process fluids and are suitable for viscous crude oil, water and a range of other fluids.

They can be heated to temperatures and controlled using a conventional thermostat or an advanced solid state electronic control. These give more accurate temperature control and are energy efficient.

Atex Heaters

Electric Line Heaters

PROCESS Electrical Line Heaters have withdrawable electric elements where a heating element can be withdrawn and re placed without the need to drain the system.

Electric Line Heaters

Pumping, Heating and Filtering Units

Our pumping, heating and filtering units have been designed and supplied to a global customer base for over 50 years and are created for use with any grade of residual oil supply.

Pumping, heating and filtering units include heaters with electric start up capabilities and heaters using steam, hot water and thermal oil as heating fluids.

Our ranges of systems are used extensively in large and small heating applications such as combustion systems, oil ring main and boiler systems and furnaces.

Pumping, Heating and Filtering Units

Process Heaters

PROCESS Electrical Heaters are available from 3 kW to 1000kW

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