mig Material Innovative Gesellschaft mbH


We are manufacturer of chromate reducers, tin products, defoamer, breather, super plasticizer, interior and exterior colours, and varnishes, specialities for the pulp / lignin industry and special fertilizer.

The company MIG diversifies on many different products levels, both in the constant development and fabrication of new technologies, like energy-saving-paints and  health-conducive products like trace element fertilizers.

In its over 10 year long history MIG served with its products and ideas customers, environment and health of people. And MIG will proceed doing so in the future.

Other products include concrete release agents, chemical-based building materials, chemicals for the building industry, chemical construction products, concrete additives, stannous sulphate , silicone paints, protective façade paints, mortar additives, air-entraining agents for building materials, floor screed admixtures, dehumidifying plasters, additives for concrete, concrete mortar plasticizers and more.

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