• Pre-Stressed Concrete Floors 100mm solid, 150mm light, 150mm heavy, 200mm, 250mm
  • RC225 Reinforced concrete floors; available in 6 weeks or less, non-cambered, bonded insulation optional
  • Lattice Girder Permanent Formwork Floors
  • Car Park Floors Systems
  • Bubbledeck; light weight, double span floors
  • Stairs and Landings
  • Bespoke Precast, walls, groundbeams, terraces etc
Since 1947 the key values of our business have been control and innovation. Control through our own design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of all concrete floors and products and innovation through pioneering levels of automation in the manufacture of concrete floors, stairs, landings and bespoke concrete meaning the highest quality and shortest lead times available.

Milbank Floors are part of the innovative Milbank Industries Group supplying factory produced solutions and services to the construction industry.
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