Millroom Mixing Machines


We provide and stock Paint Mixers please contact us for more information.


Duplisher is fantastically effective in saving times and energy. It is currently one of the leading high shear mixer on the market.


  • Absolute minimum maintenance
  • Ultra high shear created within the two mixing heads
  • It has 2 mixing heads on 1 shaft
  • No bottom bearing

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Combination Mixing Vessels

The illustration of a Combination Mixing Vessel to your right has a working capacity up to 3,000 litres, and incorporates a Mass Mover & Duplisher.


IBC Mixers & Stirrers

Please view a selection of our Biscon & Shutz IBCs and Mauser containers below:

  • 'Bison' IBC Stirrer
  • IBC Stirrer on Hydraulic Lift
  • 'Shutz' IBC & Mauser' Container Stirrers

Top Entry Mixers & Stirrers

All of our Stirrers & Mixers stock are available with:

  • Pneumtic Drive 
  • Electric


Our Rotor Stator Mixer stock are for:

  • Re-Mixing
  • Blending
  • Tinting
  • Dispersions
  • Solutions

Mixing Vessels & Change Pans

Our range of change pans & vessels are manufactured to suit customers specifications.

Millroom Mixing Machines

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