Mimtec Ltd.


MiMtec Limted our sevices include Vacuum Forming, Pressure Forming, and Twin Sheet Moulding , along with five axis CNC trimming, assembly and tool making, we offer a complete one stop service for all your thermoformed requirements.

With over thirty years of experience our team will be pleased to discuss any new or current projects. We form in all the latest materials and cover a very wide range of industries from Aerospace, Marine, Transport, Point of Sale Display to name a few. Please call one of our sales team to discuss your requirments, or obtain a copy of our CD presentation which will provide you with further details on all the services we offer and areas that MiMtec work within.

* Vacuum forming
* Pressure forming
* Twin Sheet Moulding
* 5 axis CNC trimming
* Tool making Traditional
* Tool making CNC/CAM
* Assembly and Fabrication 
* Printing Formed 3D Formings 

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