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Minitab is the leading provider of quality improvement software.  For more than 40 years, thousands of distinguished organizations in over 100 countries have turned to Minitab for tools that help quality initiatives yield bottom-line benefits.

Distinguished companies that rely on Minitab software and services include American Express, General Electric, Microsoft, Toyota Motor, Nike, and the leading Six Sigma consultants. To learn more, visit


Minitab® Statistical Software

Minitab® Statistical Software—our flagship product—helps professionals find and solve business problems, and has been used to implement virtually every major Six Sigma initiative around the world. Our latest release, Minitab 17, makes data analysis easier than ever. Minitab’s Assistant menu leads you step-by-step through methods including hypothesis tests, regression, DOE, measurement systems analysis, control charts, and capability analysis—and helps you interpret your results.

Quality Trainer by Minitab®

Quality Trainer by Minitab®, this multimedia course includes animated lessons that bring statistical concepts to life, and interactive quizzes that give you real-time feedback. Hands-on exercises walk you through applying statistics with Minitab Statistical Software, so you can put your knowledge to use immediately.


Devize® Monte Carlo simulations have never been easier. Devize has a smart workflow that walks you through the entire simulation and optimization process, its simplified interface provides direction and helps you easily navigate the software

Quality Companion by Minitab®

Quality Companion by Minitab® helps you organize your entire project and execute every step. Built-in Roadmaps™ quickly outline your approach, and data you enter in one tool is shared throughout your project, so you can work faster with less error.

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