Miracle Span Steel Buildings


We provide a wide variety of steel framed buildings and solutions to a range of different local authorities including government departments and businesses, both large and small.

Regardless of the size of the steel framed buildings, we understand the high quality of the service we offer is as important as the quality of our steel buildings. We have a qualified team of consultants, designers and engineers on hand to provide expert advice on the ideal solution for you.

We work with you on your steel framed buildings from initial enquiry through to building assembly and beyond.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Our customers have diverse building needs, such as prefabricated steel buildings. We know one style of steel building will not suit all. We can now offer a wide choice of prefabricated steel buildings customised to suit your individual needs and budget.

Our steel buildings are available in widths from 3m to 40m with varying heights and unlimited lengths and are truly versatile. Our teams of expert advisors will listen to your requirements and help you make an informed choice of the right building type for your needs.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Steel Storage Buildings

Our ranges of steel storage buildings are versatile and affordable, as well as quick add easy to install. Suitable for use as individual storage buildings, steel buildings can also be partitioned internally for use as self storage or rental units for small or starter businesses.

Our steel storage buildings are used by local authorities for a variety of uses including storing of maintenance equipment and salt and grit stores for winter road treatment. They can also be used by small and large businesses as material storage and by farmers for storing tractors and farm equipment.

Steel Storage Buildings

Portal Framed Steel Buildings

We custom design and manufacture a versatile range of portal framed steel buildings ideal for commercial and agricultural buildings.

Our selection of portal framed steel buildings consists of:

  • Waste transfer stations
  • Commercial storage
  • Crop and grain stores
  • Animal housing and equestrian buildings
Portal Framed Steel Buildings

Industrial Steel Buildings

Our industrial steel buildings are the ideal solution for all your business needs and are affordable, versatile and quick and easy to erect.

We can provide you with frameless industrial steel buildings with insulation and fire protection. Whether you need a lean-to for an existing building or steel tunnel link, our steel buildings can help you secure extra space and optimise your facilities.

Industrial Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Steel Workshops

Our prefabricated steel workshops make extremely versatile and affordable workshop solutions. Our diverse range will include something to suit your intended use. Our prefabricated steel workshops are very durable and can be easily relocated or extended to suit your growing business needs.

Our range of prefabricated steel workshops also offers the perfect workshop solutions where coloured or insulated buildings are needed and can be integrated with anti-condensation barriers.

Prefabricated Steel Workshops

Commercial Steel Buildings

Our commercial steel buildings are suitable for an almost endless variety of uses. They are ideal for use as office and workshop units for large and small businesses and are perfect for commercial garaging for bus and coach companies, as well as workshops for vehicle testing, servicing and valeting.

They are highly affordable and quick and easy to erect. Our commercial steel buildings are available in widths from 3m – 40m, with varying heights and unlimited lengths.

Commercial Steel Buildings

Steel Aircraft Hangars

Our diversity of steel aircraft hangars are available in sizes ranging from 3m – 40m wide, with varying heights and unlimited lengths. They are affordable, quick and simple to erect and our expert advisors will help you choose the steel aircraft hangar ideal for your needs.

Our choice of steel buildings have many benefits. They are:

  • Durable and secure – ideal for remote or high risk sites
  • Can be relocated or extended as your requirement grows
  • Offer 100% usable space with no internal posts

Our range is available in a variety of styles including:

  • Traditional design
  • Available in colours to blend in with surroundings
  • Available in single skin plastisol or insulated panels with fire protection to class AA if required
Steel Aircraft Hangars

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Our agricultural steel buildings are both versatile and affordable. They are also quick and easy to install. Agricultural steel buildings are perfect for storing tractors and equipment. They can also store crop, grain and hay, as well as livestock and horses.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Steel Building Design And Customisation

Our experts can help you with steel building design and customisation to suit your needs. If you provide us with the following information, we can start planning your steel building design:

  • The planned location for your building
  • What you intend to use your building for
  • The approximate size of building you need
  • Your requirements and preferences regarding doors, windows and other accessories

We have no fixed service packages and regardless if you want us to supply your building for to erect yourself, or if you want us to supply and erect your building for you, we are always ready and pleased to help.

Steel Building Design And Customisation

Steel Building Accessories

Our range of steel building accessories will help you to customise your steel building and enhance its requirements and benefits.  Our expert advisors will help you to decide on the design of your building and then what to choose from our wide range of steel building accessories.

They comprise of:

  • Steel building doors
  • Quality industrial roller shutter doors
  • Light commercial roller shutter doors
  • Pedestrian access doors
Steel Building Accessories

Sustainable Steel Buildings

Our choice of sustainable steel buildings can help to protect the environment and when combined with our steel building accessories can help to lower costs. Not only do sustainable steel buildings they have a diversity of environmental benefits over traditional construction methods, they are quick to assembly and extremely durable.

The advantages of these steel buildings are:

  • Over 60% of new steel is made from recycled steel
  • Steel can be recycled indefinitely – without any loss in quality
  • Waste steel is recycled and never ends up as landfill
  • Resource conservation and waste minimization is incorporated in all elements of steel production to substantially reduce environmental impact
Sustainable Steel Buildings
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