For virtual documents, MISL has the experience, capacity and professionalism needed to provide you with a service above and beyond what is expected. At MISL, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible results from using the latest techniques and accurate high speed scanners. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, you can always rest assured MISL will provide you with an exceptional service. For more information visit our website

Document archiving


At MISL, we are experienced specialists in document archiving and are providing our services in this area to a wide range of companies in a variety of sectors- including councils, emergency services and hospitals, with huge success. Here at MISL when you choose us for your document archiving, not only do you acquire a professional informed service, you can also be rest assured that your documents will be safe with us, we take our security protocols extremely seriously so that we can guarantee the safeguard of your sensitive data. For more information please visit our website

Document Storage

We understand that you not only want a secure warehouse to store your documents but you also need quick accessibility to your files as and when you require them. Through our ‘scan on demand’ service and with our on-site scanning bureau we can guarantee the retrieval and scanning of a file within 2 hours of request. Our storage facilities are protected by a wide range of features and systems, all installed to ensure the security of the documents housed inside, so that no documents are lost, damaged or stolen.

Document Scanning

At MISL, our main line of service is with document scanning. We understand that your documents are some of the most important assets of your organisation, scanning them in with MISL saves time, space and money. Our business is to help you drive efficiency and lower costs through getting your documents into a digital form. For more information on Document Scanning visit http://www.misl.co.uk/our-services/document-scanning/-

Back scanning

If you require a back scanning service, MISL are the document management specialists you will want to work with. We provide comprehensive back scanning services which cover a large variety of different sizes and formats. Our versatile document back scanning service includes the provision of various accurate, high speed document scanners enabling us to scan anything from A0 drawings to till receipts. Visit our website to find out more. http://www.misl.co.uk/

Document Imaging

Here at MISL, we provide cost- effective and professional document management services for all of your document demands. When you choose MISL for your document imaging needs, you receive an exceptional service, certified to ISO 9001:2008. For more information please visit our website. http://www.misl.co.uk/

Large Format Scanning

At MISL, we also offer large format scanning. Here at our on-site scanning Bureau we pride ourselves on our ability to scan any size plan with fast turnarounds on huge quantities, this is thanks to our large range of top end, specialist scanners which can also scan large scale maps and drawings. Visit the link to find out more http://www.misl.co.uk/our-services/large-format/

Microfiche Scanning

Amongst our large range of scanning services is microfiche scanning. If your business is looking to save both time and money, our microfiche scanning services will prove exceptionally beneficial. Through our microfiche scanning services, we provide a cost-efficient solution for storing all the information you need digitally. Visit our website to find out more. http://www.misl.co.uk/our-services/microimaging/


Here at MISL, our microfilm scanning solutions are used widely by many companies in a vast range of areas of industry and business. They include local and national government departments, libraries and museums, and banks among others. We provide a competitively priced solution to storing all of the information you need digitally. Visit our website to find out more. http://www.misl.co.uk/our-services/microimaging/

Aperture card scanning

At MISL, We have a vast range of different techniques and specialist equipment that enables us to be versatile and digitize almost anything. Which is evident with our aperture scanning service, aperture scanning is an efficient method of archiving plans. It is also an ideal method for ease of distribution. Visit our website to find out more. http://www.misl.co.uk/our-services/aperture-cards/

Document Shredding

As well as being a versatile and dedicated document scanning company we also offer the destruction of your scanned documents, this enables us to make sure your sensitive data is destroyed in a controlled and efficient way. We are a forward thinking, progressive and dynamic organisation with a firm focus on making sure our customers are happy with our service and the quality of the service we provide.

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