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We offer detailed structural monitoring solutions which includes inspection solutions for infrastructure.

Britain's key structural features and landmarks are aging and their reliability and safety need continual structural monitoring in order to preserve them. Our service not only helps to preserve these infrastructures but also uses preventative techniques to ensure every possible solution is in place to avoid damage and deterioration.

Corrosion Mapping

Mistras Group are specialists in corrosion mapping and corrosion management.

Using the most comprehensive and advanced techniques and solutions, Mistras Group can provide you with an unrivalled corrosion mapping service which has many benefits including the tracking and calculation of wall thickness on piping, pressure vessels or storage tanks. Mistras Group's technological corrosion management capabilities can:

  • Monitor Circuit and CML corrosion
  • Calculate inspection due dates using over 20 levels of analysis
  • Document changes in wall thickness and equipment replacements
  • Use circuit extrapolation to cover unreachable areas
Corrosion Mapping

Non Destructive Testing Systems

We have an innovative range of non destructive testing systems.

As well as our standard range of non destructive testing systems, we also have an impressive range of automation solutions and UT inspection products. Included in the range are:

  • UT gantry systems
  • Portable automated ultrasonic systems for plate, tube and pipe inspection
  • Robotic/automatic NDT inspection work cells for in-production (in-line) inspection and quality assurance
  • OEM component-level solutions
Non Destructive Testing Systems

Asset Protection Solutions

We are a worldwide provider of asset protection solutions which are utilised to determine the structural integrity of infrastructures.

We have the only monitoring system for the prevention of vane cracking. The  ACTMS™ On-line stator vane crack detection system is easy to install and use and is a necessity for vane cracking prevention. For the most comprehensive asset protection solutions, Mistras Group are here to help.

Asset Protection Solutions

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