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Mitchell and Cooper have built a strong reputation in the catering and bar industry since the company was founded back in 1879 in Farringdon London. Over the years we have developed and manufactured a number of leading products under the Bonzer name which remain the professionals choice. Our latest ranges include the Bonzer® Black Can Openers, Bonzer® Cup Dispensers, Bonzer® Napkin Dispensers.

As well as manufacturing and developing the Bonzer brand we are dedicated to importing quality products from around the world to compliment our existing range. Since 1982 we have supplied products from leading producers, including the French brands Matfer, Bourgeat, the USA brand Zeroll and the Swiss Brand Kisag.

Kitchen Collection

Our brand new Kitchen range features some of the most exciting professional catering tools in the industry including the new:

Bonzer® Can Openers

Bonzer® Cup Dispensers

Kisag Blender Range

Bonzer® Portioners

Bar Collection

Our new Bar collection encompasses the very latest in cocktail and wine equipment from some of the industries top names including: Pulltex, Bonzer® and Waiters Friend including the following exciting new products including:

The Pulltex Ice Bucket

The Pullparrot Waiters Friend

The Tondo Pourer

The Bonzer® Rotameasure

Pastry Collection

Our new pastry range is the ultimate collection for any professional pastry chef; from the finest tools to bake the perfect cake, to the ultimate moulds to produce the finest chocolate, our range is designed to assist you from concept to creation. Some of our newest products include:

The Guitar Candy Cutter

The Steccoflex Ice Cream Moulds

The  FD Food Portioning Scales

Our latest exciting range of Cake Displays



Dispensing Collection

Our Dispensing range features the ultimate in dispensing solutions for today's modern cafe set-up including the new:

Bonzer® Cup Dispensers

Bonzer® Lid Dispensers

Bonzer® Napkin Dispensers

Hot and Cold Sauce Dispensers


Point of Purchase

From the simplest one-off project to a full branding brief, our point-of-purchase team will work with you to really understand your objectives, and then design, source and manufacture the best for you and your brand.

Check out the brand new point of purchase website complete with our latest concepts and designs:

Food Preparation Catering Equipment

Our new online shop now provides a wealth of professional quality catering equipment for use in all aspects of food preparation, cookware, storage, utensils, dispensers, service plus a whole host of bar & wine accessories.
Whether preparing a refreshing 'juice' or catering for a banquet, our range of kitchen tools will produce excellent quality results every time

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