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So why do you need safety signs?

Ensuring you have the right health and safety processes in place within your business is not only important for the safety of your staff or anyone else on your premises, but it is also important for the protection of your business. Failure to comply with health and safety regulations can mean having fines enforced upon you, or worse if an accident occurs and adequate health and safety precautions were not taken. 

Safety signs are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information in the workplace. Therefore, it's vital that employers display them clearly whenever there is a risk that has not been controlled by other means (i.e. by safe systems of work). According to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, employers have a legal obligation to display safety signs on their premises.


MJN Safety Signs Ltd

So why choose MJN Safety Signs Ltd?

Our aim here at MJN Safety Signs Ltd is to ensure that the process of purchasing the required health and safety signs you need is not only straight forward, but also affordable. As you will be able to see on our website, we have a fantastic selection of health and safety signs to choose from which all meet with current legislation for safety signs. With our live chat facilitiy, phone line, contact form and email address there are so many ways to contact us should you require any help. We pride ourselves on our customer service and quick service.


Safety signage

What types of materials and signs do we offer?

We can offer you a wide variety of signs and labels in many sizes and materials. 

Most of our signs are available in several materials so we wanted to explain the difference in materials so that please find below an explanation for each;

Self-adhesive vinyl signs

These are great quality signs, where the backing is peeled off for easy fixing and adheres to most smooth surfaces. We suggest ensuring that the surface is grease and dirt-free first before applying to get the best results. 

1mm Rigid PVC

Again, these are suitable for most surfaces and these particular signs are ideal for both interior or exterior use.  We can put holes in the corners should you wish and when placing an order please add a note requesting holes in the 'notes' section. 

3mm Heavy Duty PVC

As the name suggests these are heavy duty signs, so slightly thicker than the 1mm Rigid plastic and are usually drilled into place. Again, we can put holes in the corners should you wish and when placing an order please add a note requesting holes in the 'notes' section. 

Double Sided signs

These tend to be produced on 3mm heavy duty PVC and are great when you want the signs to be seen from a number of directions. 

Photoluminescent signs 

These are produced in Rigid PVC only. In the event of a power failure, these signs should help reduce panic, as they are highly visible in dark conditions, thus allowing for safer evacuation. They can be used over and over again by direct exposure to a light source. They do not present a health hazard and do not require any electrical power or batteries to enable them to work. 

Prohibition signs

Our prohibition signs (the red signs) include 'No smoking', 'do not enter', machinery, 'no mobile phones', 'no eating' and fork-lift truck safety signs to name a few. These are what we call the 'forbidden signs', advising you what you must not do!

Warning signs and labels

Our Warning signs and labels (the yellow signs) include chemical labels, electrical warning labels, 'mind you head signs', fork-lift truck signs/vehicle signs, 'flammable gas', 'flammable liquid', flammable solid' signage. They usually highlight potential dangers and risks!

Mandatory signs

Our mandatory signs (the blue signs) include hygiene and catering signage, fire, access, emergency and escape signs, ear protection, eye protection, Personal Protection and Equipment signs (PPE), fire action signs (multi-lingual available too!).

Safe Condition signs

Safe condition signs (the green signs) include the 'push', 'pull', 'emergency exit', 'fire exit', 'first aid, actions and procedures', 'assembly point', NHS Signs and more. 

Fire equipment signs

Our Fire equipment signs include fire extinguisher identification signs, call point signs, fire blanket, fire alarm signs and fire marshal signs. 

Parking signs

Parking signs - We can provide you with 'customer parking only', 'disabled parking', 'reserved parking' and many more signs available in diabond composite material. We can only create bespoke parking signs if required. Posts and channel clips are also available from us. 

Garage and forecourt signs

Garage/Forecourt and shop warehouse signs are also available from us.

Security CCTV signs

Security signs is another one of our popular ranges particarly the CCTV signs. 

Construction and site safety signs

Construction and demolition sites require a number of health and safety and site safety signs. Our extensive range and great prices makes us popular amongst the construction industry. 

Prestige Signs

We appreciate that some bulidings like to ensure that the signage matches the prestige deocr and so we have a number of prestige signs available on our website too.


What something different?

As well as the typical signs and labels we also offer floor graphics (particularly great for warehouses), double sided signs, hanging signs, projecting signs, window fixing signs, warning stands, Welsh signs, photoluminescent signs, dangerous substance labels, large format signs, safety panels and tapes and sign accessories.

Customised signs

We can also customise signs. If there is a sign that you are after that is a bit unusual or is not on our website then just drop us a message with the required details including size, colour, wording, material and quantity and we can then provide you with a price. 


Contact us!

If there is anything we can help you with please do not hesitate to get in contact! We'd love to hear from you!

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