MK Profile Systems Ltd


mk is one of the leaders in providing aluminium profile based components, aluminium profile systems and assembled modules.

Our key customers come from areas such as automation, robotics, system integration, factory machinery and special purpose machine building.

Our basic technology - the Profile system mk2000, has four main business areas being

Profile Technology:  aluminium profile systems - programme of 250 profiles in 4 series including connecting technology as well as accessories and standard parts. Organised functionally for modern machine building.

Linear Motion: Cost effective slide rails, rollers, fully assembled modules, with or without motors. Our linear motion range is based on the “Add-on” principle and is used mainly for materials handling applications with high levels of accuracy and repeatability

Conveyors: 24 robust conveying systems compatible with the profile system, including modules such as flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain and roller for automation purposes.

Factory Equipment: Guarding systems, gangways, stairs, platforms and work stations for the office, shop floor, assembly hall or any other area where required


Profile Technology

With the mk aluminium profile system you build on flexibility and established technology from the outset.

250 system profiles made from high-quality alloys, perfected, stability-orientated connectors as well as a comprehensive range of accessories and compatible standardised components enable virtually all structural designs for machine frames, guards and factory equipment.

With four aluminium profile series - categorised according to their base dimensions 25, 40, 50 and 60 mm - the ideal system is available for every application more...

Conveyor Technology

We offer a comprehensive, standardised range of belt conveyors, chain and table top chain conveyors as well as roller conveyors.

The configurability of the modules enables them to be adapted to customers' specific requirements and integrated in complex systems. At the same time, the basic principle of optimum standardisation ensures process security, fast availability and reasonable prices.

Advantages of mk conveyor technology systems

Highly adaptable to product and environment requirements due to 20 different conveyor options
Simplified planning and design due to standardised modules
Perfected technology, high-quality materials and bought-in parts
Worldwide fast spare part supply
Cost savings and short delivery times due to standard modular construction
High flexibility in system & plant building and modification due to compatibility with all mk systems

Stainless Steel Conveyors

mk INOX Belt conveyor

Conveyor length: between 410 - 10000 mm
Conveyor width: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 mm
Load capacity max.: 75 kg

Gravity Roller Conveyor

mk INOX Gravity Roller Conveyor

Conveyor length: 200 - 5000 mm
Frame width: depending on the roller type between 150 and 650 mm
Load capacity max.: 50 kg

Factory Equipment

Factory Equipment
Standard or bespoke modular equipment from mk to create a solution for your factory equipment needs. Building on the basic technology of the mk profile range we provide a comprehensive and economic solution for your factory equipment requirements.  Our modular factory equipment range includes Guarding, Workstations, Guardrails, Tread and Platforms.

Machine Guarding

Chose from a large range of components to make swing doors, sliding doors and lift doors etc. (which can be supplied with interlocks on request) to create your machine guarding solution.

Custom Workstations

With the mk system you design custom workstations in the workshop and in the assembly area. Maximize the functionality and ergonomics of your workstations while remaining flexible and economical. Through the use of the mk Profile Technology, workstations can be easily and cost-effectively implemented in modular design.

Guard Rails, Treads & Platforms

You can build safe accesses and platforms for working on your machinery using the guard rails, treads and platform system from mk.  Based on the tried and tested mk profile technology systems, precisely customised individual solutions can be installed for accesses, transfers, crossovers or even work platforms. 

Linear Motion

mk linear motion stands for customised glides, track rollers and recirculating ball bearings which set themselves apart through precise running and high reliability during use.

You can choose between profile tracks, linear tracks and linear modules for handling applications with high repeatability and accuracy - carriages, pneumatics or motors on request.

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