MNB Precision Ltd


Providing World Class Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Services for the past 35 years.

CNC Turning

MNB Precision provide industry leaders with the capability and capacity expected from a modern workshop. Our range of state of the art CNC turning lathes is truely impressive - the same can be said of our quick lead times.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling is the most effecient way of performing operations that require both drilling and turning. We have invested in the latest computer numerical controlled machines for precision drilling all types of quality material to produce the best end products for your business.

Jig Boring

We have four Jig Boring machines at MNB which are operated by highly skilled machinists who are able to manufacture work to tight tolerances. We can manufacture components from aluminium to harder steels.

Spark Erosion

The use of spark erosion enables us to manufacture more complex components in precise detail, even in the hardest of materials. Typically this service is used in a number of key industries including: Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Aerospace.

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