mobiheat GmbH


You will not need to resign of heat or warm water due to heat failure because of rebuilding, jamming or modernisation.

mobiheat offers the whole range of delivering the mobile central heating units, installation and briefing as well as dismounting.

With up to 2000 kW output the sphere of actions is versatile.

Whether it is afamily home, commercial property, industry or a shopping mall – mobiheat has a solution for all kinds of emergency.

As compact and powerful units the heaters are applicable in any place at any time.

Equipped with modern technology, mobiheat works efficient and eco-friendly.

Mobile heat for your comfort.

mobiheat GmbH

Our products:

- Central heating units, mobile
- Heating containers
- Heating systems, mobile
- Heating equipment hiring
- Central heating units for hire
- Heaters, portable
- Heating services for buildings under construction
- Electric heaters
- Boiler rentals
- Heating systems, electric

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