Do you have a mobile workforce?
Do you need to know where they are?
Do you know what they are doing?
Do you know if they are safe?


We provide a business solution that allows our clients to fulfil their duty of care to their staff and satisfy the above questions.

Whether you work in the security guarding, domiciliary homecare, contract cleaning sectors or you have a field service company you all have one thing in common – you have staff that work away from the office and often work alone.

You have a duty of care to these staff to ensure that they are safe and secure and you have a duty of care to your company to ensure that your staff members are supplying your services to your clients in a timely, agreed and efficient manner.

That’s what we do!

We provide solutions that let you know where your staff are, and where they have been. We allow staff to record what they have done on site (without having to fill in timesheets) and we provide alarm and monitoring features to ensure they are safe.

So if you have staff that work away from the office we provide systems to keep them accountable, productive and safe.

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