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Mocam Ltd is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading players in wireless, re-deployable CCTV systems with a range of technically excellent products that are making a difference to people’s lives the length and breadth of the UK.

Embracing the latest technology to capture and transmit live surveillance data over wireless networks has enabled us to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions that can be moved from site to site. Our portable solutions use Wi-Fi, 3G mobile networks and radio communications to send images direct to PC, laptop or a monitoring station ensuring that problems can be acted on as they are happening.
The foremost benefit of using Mocam technology is the additional security it can provide at significantly less cost than fixed CCTV systems; no need for civil works, cabling or expensive labour costs. Our systems are mobile and can be simply fixed and removed to provide monitoring when and where needed.   We work with police forces, local authorities, community groups, businesses and individuals to design and build flexible solutions that are quick and easy to install, use and maintain, particularly in previously inaccessible areas; helping eliminate anti-social behaviour and a range of other criminal issues.

CCTV Technology

Mocam brings quality, affordable CCTV to everyone. By embracing the latest technology to make surveillance and monitoring solutions available to everyone who needs it we have a solution whether it is for companies, authorities or the individual homeowner looking to protect their property.

All you need is a computer or a smart phone (PDA), a broadband link or GSM network coverage and you have the means to keep you in control wherever in the world you are. We use high-speed UTMS (3G) mobile phone networks and a choice of transmission such as radio and broadband/ADSL to transmit images.   Mocam CCTV solutions are as portable as the technology that powers them so if you move so can the system; as long as there is a power source to tap into. Remote access means that you have the means to view any site from any location; ideal for when on-site presence is not always required.
CCTV Technology

Apache Survelliance System

Our renowned Apache system is a stand alone surveillance unit that delivers live images direct to a PC or a laptop via the mobile phone, broadband and wireless LAN networks, or via a digital codec when using radio communications, to existing analogue control equipment.

The standard product features a built-in digital video recorder with two channels for video so that an additional overt or covert camera can be attached to the system with ease.   A high speed colour/monochrome camera with 22x zoom capability is provided as standard along with a Wi-Fi access point on the DVR. Requiring only 240vAC and simple bracket to be fully operational, the main benefits of the Apache are:
  Highly portable
The light and compact unit weighs only 7kgs and can be deployed quickly in any location and then easily removed and installed elsewhere.
  • Economical
  • Choice of transmission methods
  • Remote viewing
  • Flexible
  • Vandal resistant and weatherproof
  • Choice of colours
The Apache is also suitable for automatic number plate recognition systems.
Apache Survelliance System

Mohawk Internal Survelliance System

Our Mohawk unit is destined to become as widely renowned for internal surveillance applications as the Apache is for external uses. It is available as a stand alone unit or complete with 3G and Wi-Fi for remote monitoring.

A compact and versatile CCTV system that can be quickly and easily installed in to homes, offices, factories, shops and almost every type of vehicle, the Mohawk provides a cost-effective monitoring system for interior spaces. A combination of hard disk recorder, video multiplexer and web server, the unit incorporates 4 camera inputs (two with audio) and hard drive options up to 1 TB. Requiring only 240vAC mains supply or 12vDC the key features include:
The unit can be discreetly installed for varied surveillance and monitoring uses.
  • Versatility
  • Stores more data
  • Extensive alarm inputs
  • Flexible
  • Recording Options
With the multitude of driver management features the Mohawk is ideal for Police cars, buses, trains, taxi’s and private and commercial transport systems.
Mohawk Internal Survelliance System

Networking and Data Communication Products

Mocam has exclusive distribution rights to the one of the most technically advanced range of networking and data communications products on the market. The network surveillance solutions include a range of high definition, mega pixel IP cameras, a standard definition range of PoE IP cameras, wireless IP cameras and PoE switches and accessories.

  • High Definitions Cameras
  • Standard Definition Cameras
  • Wireless IP Cameras
  • PoE switches and accessories
Networking and Data Communication Products


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