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Moesarc Technology provide Products and Services for Telecommunication analysis, simulation and network diagnostics. Our products are  supplied to ISP organisations, installers and operators throughout the UK and Ireland.

As part of our service, COMPREHENSIVE Technical support is provided for the initial 12 months for FREE for ISDN testers,  ADSL / VDSL testers and Call Recording equipment requirements.

Affordable handheld units for Basic and Primary Rate ISDN including POTS and trace decode.

ISDN tester units to cover a range of applications, XDSL testers for ADSL / VDSL 2 / G.Fast and V.35b  - includes VOIP Simualtion with MOS quality over XDSL and Ethernet  Please see our website for the full specifications and details.

ADSL Tester

We also supply ADSL tester products that are low cost units for ADSL, 2/2, SHDSL and ISDN.

ARGUS ADSL/ VDSL testers can check network for wiring faults using TDR then Assess QUALITY and SPEED of xDSL service by connecting ARGUS to CPE Termination box to synchronise link.  IP ping , DATA Speed Tests/ VOIP / IPTV and VoD is possible      

ADSL Tester

Call Recorders

We can supply call recorders that are ideal for many different applications including uses in call centre and small to medium enterprises. Includes software for BOTH ISDN and VOIP call recorders providing a 'call recording service','call browser' and NEW Call Note POP-UP Phone book that allows key statements to be LOGGED and saved for future reference.  

MTY EYE Call recorders record automatically to a PC from start-up. You can also have parameters to define how calls are stored. They may be filtered by telephone number, date and/or time.

NON signalling voice links can be recorded using the VOICE ACTIVATED mode - ideal for Dealer rooms applications 

Call Recorders

Network Analysers

We have a range of network analysers ideal for a range of uses in recording and analysing network traffic, simulating VoIP connections, PESQ measurement and the analysis for both LAN and WLAN.

Our network analysers include the following products:

  • IPXplorer
  • Capsa network analyser
  • Trafficlyser - traceview 3Q
  • Trafficlyser - measurement adapters
  • CSA GigE

This is just a small selection of our network analysers, please contact us for more information.

Network Analysers

Network Taps

We have a range of network taps ideal for a range of applications.

Our network taps include:

  • ProfiTAP network taps
  • XX - series aggregation network taps
  • Classic network tap series
  • Classic network fibre taps
Network Taps


We can supply portable analysis, traffic generation and network management tools for IPTV. We have two IPTV test equipment products including:

  • WatchITV Analyser - including portable IPTV analysis in WatchITV handheld, WatchITV portable, WatchITV distributed and WatchITV net
  • WatchITV distributed - a network management system which gives real-time monitoring and alarm, report functionality. It is also a passive, non-intrusive network monitoring tool

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