At Monahans, we are able to combine a wide range of accountancy services, including accounts preparation, to provide businesses with all of the help and advice they could need. We are passionate about our clients and strive to help them pay less tax and improve their business profits.

We produce accurate and timely accounts preparation along with proactive relevant advice to help make your business more successful.


Whatever the reason for undertaking an audit, we use it to ensure the accounts give a true and fair view of your organisation. We use an audit to review the effectiveness and efficiency of your financial controls and recommend ways in which they can be improved.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance team provides all the advice you may need to ensure a successful sale or purchase of a business. As well as providing corporate finance, we can also help you in grooming your business to maximise returns from a sale and can assist in all aspects of business finance.

Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accounting team provides an extensive and in-depth service, addressing matters of quantum, accountancy, financial investigation and business disputes in general.

We use forensic accounting to assist with the dispute resolution process by acting as:

  • Party Appointed or Single Joint Expert Witness
  • Expert Adviser
  • Expert Determiner

Human Resources Solutions

Our human resources solutions team will work with you to ensure your workforce has a positive impact on the profitability of your business through solutions tailored to your requirements. Our friendly team are happy to advice you on any human resources solutions you require.

Insolvency and Business Recovery

Our dedicated insolvency and business recovery team has considerable expertise in helping organisations to avoid difficulties, and if they are unavoidable to work with them in resolving their problems. Insolvency and business recovery is a complex area, but with the right advice, one can result in positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Payroll Services

We are a BACS-approved bureau and provide payroll services. Our services wiil save your business both management time and administrative costs by taking the headache of managing your own payroll off your hands.

Strategic Business Improvement

Monahans team of highly-trained facilitators provide strategic business improvement services to help your business to develop and implement strategies for growth and profit improvement. Our team are more than happy to discuss strategic business improvement solutions with you whenever you require.


Our large team of tax specialists has one aim: to help you pay as little tax as possible while staying within the law. We advise businesses, individuals and trusts both on ongoing compliance issues as well on specific taxation matters.

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