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MONK Conveyors Limited is a privately owned British company established 24 years ago.  With our strong engineering background and many years of experience we can advise you on the best products to solve a problem efficiently and economically.  We will work with you to provide the best solutions.

Our philosophy is to always look and apply the simplest solutions.  If we can use as many standard products to provide a solution, then the system will be reliable, easy to maintain and cost effective.


We can supply small individual conveyors, through to complete factory installations.  Systems use PLC control with distribution software, sensors, pneumatics and electrics.  Our installation and service team are always ready for full support, locally or internationally.

Our range of conveyors includes:

  • Flat belt conveyors
  • Roller conveyors
  • Flex chain conveyors
  • Mat Top conveyors
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Elevators and hoppers

Fully Automated Conveyor Systems

We design and install complete systems to automate the flow of products and components through a manufacturing plant.  We develop software to ‘talk’ to your process machines and automatically transport, load and unload components to be processed. Our conveyor system experience is very comprehensive with many blue chip companies willing to give us references. Our team of engineers have many years of experience in conveying and handling a multitude of products from a variety of industries.



Belt Conveyor System

Our belt conveyors have a very narrow profile and are suitable for use in production lines where space is limited.  Our standard conveyors are made from standard modules and are quick and simple to construct, are safe and have a low noise level.  They have T-slots on both sides for installing guide rails, sensors, etc.  There is also a choice of different drive units.


  • Lengths: 1 to 5m
  • Belt Widths: 40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm & 600mm.
  • Speed Ranges: 0.13 to 53m/min
  • Drive Roller Diameters 50mm and 63mm
  • Idler roller diameter 50mm
  • Fixed side guides 20mm or 35mm high
  • Adjustable side guides - optional

Roller Conveyor Systems

With an extensive variety of widths, roller diameters, roller pitches and capacities to choose from, our roller conveyor systems are very comprehensive and impeccably designed to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations.  As well as our roller conveyors, we supply all of the associated handling equipment.  We provide an advisory service to ensure you are using the most relevant and productive handling methods to suit your products.

Our roller conveyor range includes:

  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Lineshaft powered roller conveyors (both steel and aluminium frame)
  • Pallet conveyors (up to 1500Kg)
  • Ancillary equipment

Flex-Chain Conveyors

Our Flex-Chain conveyors are based on an anodized aluminium or stainless steel beam fitted with a low friction slide rail which precisely guides the flexible MODU plastic chain. Tight radius wheel bends and larger radius plain bends mean products, large and small can be carried around both horizontal and vertical bends. Bends start at 150mm radius with various bend angles up to 180°.  Attachments can be added to the chain enabling products to be carried up inclines or gripped and lifted vertically. Guide rails on the sides of the conveyor make sure that the products stay on track.

Mat Top Conveyors

Our MatTop conveyors are fully compatible with our MODU FlexChain conveyors and are used in many different industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical and packaging. Key features include simple to construct modular design, low friction, high performance, safe and low noise level.  Used for transporting all types of products horizontally, up inclines and round corners, mat top conveyors are the answer. The mat top conveyor has an open belt consisting of elements which move independently of each other. This means they are easy to keep clean even with raw meat or wet products

Industrial Lifts

Vertical lifts are used for automatically transferring items between floors or to overhead conveyors. Their narrow cross section of our lifts allows them to be situated in the most restricted spaces. Tree types of standard lift are available. The single lift type which can cycle on demand for individual items, the continuous lift type which is most suitable for higher transfer rates and the carton lift suitable for the rapid lifting of cartons. We can also supply lifts to suit a specific requirement. Please consult our sales department for details of the many options available.

Display Conveyors

We have supplied a number of conveyors that are used to display a company’s products some of our projects include:  Expensive Lades Shoes in Abu Dhabi, Jewellery in the Westfield Centre shopping mall, Cadburys Chocolate Bars, Food Displays and Samples.  The great advantage of using a moving display at an event or exhibition is that it encourages people to take a second look at your products

Sushi Conveyors

We are the leading company in Europe supplying Sushi Conveyors. We use our engineering expertise to bring to life the ideas of restaurant owners.  Our sushi conveyors are installed in over 200 restaurants in Europe, The Middle East and The USA.  We supply all of Yo! Sushi’s conveyors both in the U.K. and the U.S.A

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