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Moorchester Electrical Lathe Services 

Please allow me to introduce you to Moorchester Electrical Lathe Services a specialist in Harrison and Colchester Lathes.

Services Available

Electrical Fault Diagnosis & Repair

Software Reloads

Machine Software Backup Service

Machine Commissioning.

Electrical preventative maintenance checks

Fanuc Servo Alarm Troubleshooting 

Sauter & Duplomatic Turret Faults

Mitsubishi Inverter Replacement & Upgrades

We can also arrange for Mechanical Repairs, Service & Alignment Checks to be carried out.

Factory Trained since 1990 with approaching twenty years experience of electrical build and repair of Colchester & Harrison Lathes.

Specialising in Colchester & Harrison Lathes. Covering Tornado, Combi, Alpha, Multiturn, Electronic, and many more.


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