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Moore International started in 1997 delivering bearings and drive belts around the towns and villages of Dorset. From these humble beginnings the company has grown into the UK’s leading distributor of leadscrews, ballscrews, linear rail and carriages and is the sole distributor in the UK of Swiss-made products by Eichenberger Gewinde. The company is also a key distributor of Schneeberger linear bearings, rail and positioning systems. Across the entire product range, Moore International now has clients in industries including defence, automation and medical instrumentation.


Ball Screws

Ball screws are a highly efficient way of converting rotary to linear motion. This is due to the ball screw's high reliability, precision and efficiency compared to more traditional power transmission components such as belt or chain drives (which we also distribute). Ball screws are more efficient and have a longer life span than acme or trapezoidal threads. The main reason behind a ball screw's efficiency is the presence of ball bearings that are housed within the nut. The bearings run on the cold-rolled thread, greatly reducing the amount of friction between the screw and nut themselves. The design of the nut cleverly allows the ball bearings to recirculate, resulting in a longer and more predictable lifetime.

Lead Screws

We are the sole UK importer and distributor of lead screws by market-leading Swiss ball and lead screw manufacturer Eichenberger Gewinde. Lead screws are suitable for a variety of applications, and, for short strokes, are an ideal substitute for drive belts due to their low production costs.

In addition, lead screws are perfectly suitable as substitutes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The lead screw design allows low-friction acceleration as well as free positioning and they operate without any secondary energy forces.

Trapezoidal Screws

Trapezoidal / Acme / Commercial  Rolled or precision whirled, Steel / Stainless Steel Lead Screws & Nuts ex stock in the UK. If you need any information or help with Trapezoidal Screws & nuts do not hesitate to contact us.

Linear Rails

Both of our linear partners offer specific advantages and solutions, many of which can be used in conjunction with our Eichenberger ballscrews and leadscrews.  We keep a wide range of linear products in stock, but if we don’t have exactly what you need, we’ll do our best to get them to you as soon as we possibly can!

Zimmer Clamps

Zimmer Linear Clamps for Linear Guideways are now available from Moore International and offer a host of exciting features for your dynamic and static braking requirements.


Carry ball screws by Eichenberger Gewinde are manufactured by the highly economical cold-rolling process, which offers significant cost savings while maintaining a precision previously often only available with machine-ground screws. Carry ball screws are complimented by a range of single steel nuts produced in a special cost-cutting process, which eliminates the need for costly thread grinding.


Moore International offers you the choice of two major manufacturers of linear guides: Schneeberger and Hiwin.

  • Schneeberger offers a broad range of products, from standard linear and profiled guideways through to complete linear-drive measuring and positioning systems designed especially for the customer.
  • Hiwin is a Taiwanese company that supplies hi-tech industries with critical components for machine tools, medical equipment, vending machinery, material handling, and the automotive industry to name a few.
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