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We are a leading German manufacturer and supplier to the UK of vacuum suction cups and components tailored to your specific needs. A recent study has found our prices to be the most competitive in the world! Contact us today with confidence to discuss your requirements and you can be assured of global market leading prices and quality.

Benefits of working with Morali

We are a German manufacturer and supplier of vacuum suction cups and components tailored to your specific customers’ needs.

Listed are just a few of the benefits we offer:

  • As the manufacturer we can offer you the most competitive pricing, and discounts giving you the ability to pass along the savings to your customers.
  • Along with competitive pricing and discounts we offer the best quality available in the market today.
  • We offer the most comprehensive range of standard products in stock, and offer customized solutions (various materials, sizes, and configurations) to meet your customers ever changing needs.
  • Technical support is available to assist you with all of your inquiries.


We have complementary samples available so that you may experience the quality, and the range of products we have to offer.

Allow us the opportunity to price quote your current needs, and you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Please feel free to visit our Homepage: to find out more Information about all of our various products and services.

Benefits of working with Morali

Vacuum Suction Cups

Since being founded in 1994 in Rottweil, Morali has over 20 years of experience in being one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum suction cups. We have been constantly developing our products to meet the diverse challenges and demands set by our customers, bringing us to the forefront of providing innovative fixing, positioning and clamping techniques.

Our vacuum suction cups are used within many manufacturing sectors for a huge number of products, offering safe and secure clasping of a variety of surfaces including porous, uneven and rough textures. All our production is done under one roof ensuring you get a custom made solution that fits your exact requirements. Our advisory team are on hand to help take you through the selection process to ensure you get the right vacuum suction cups for you.

Vacuum Suction Cups

Vacuum Cups for your Industry

We are able to manufacture vacuum cups for your industry no matter what your requirements. At Morali, we pride ourselves on providing very high level of quality across all our products, whether it’s for a small or large batch runs.

Using the very latest technology and many years of experience, we are able to provide you with a solution that meets your exact requirements. We continuous push the development of our process to ensure you are getting a constantly high product but at a competitive price. If you are unsure if we can provide vacuum cups for your industry, then take a look at some of the industries we have been catering for over the years:

  • Ceramics
  • Automotive
  • Solar
  • CD/DVD
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Printing and paper
  • Food & Packaging
Vacuum Cups for your Industry

Flat Vacuum Cups

Over the years we have expanded into many different industries, providing innovative flat vacuum cups that are suitable for a large number of materials. The types our materials our flat vacuum cups work particularly effective with include:

  • Cardboard
  • Plates
  • Glass panes
  • Metal sheets
  • Coated plates

Our flat suction cups can also be combined with cleats, stabilising the cup and enhancing the lifting force to cater for materials such as brass, aluminium and thin sheet metal.

Flat Vacuum Cups

Bellows Vacuum Cups

We have a diverse choice of bellows vacuum cups to choose from, all manufactured to the highest quality product at competitive prices. Our bellows vacuum cups are mainly used within the food sector, due to their plane and lightly curved surface design. This means they are not suitable for vertical or high vacuum use.

The current diameters we stock range from 4mm to 350mm, ensuring you will find the right bellows vacuum cup to suit your exact requirements.

Bellows Vacuum Cups

Oval Vacuum Cups

For something that provide a high lifting force we provide oval vacuum cups. These innovative cups are used for providing a range of suction forces based on the size of the cup. Oval vacuum cups can be used alongside various tubes and other profiles for lightly curved surfaces, and can be replaced easily.

Some of the diameters we stock include:

  • 4x2 - 7x4
  • 32x14 - 36x12
  • 30x4 - 30x5
  • 75x25 - 75x40
  • 85x28 - 96x27
Oval Vacuum Cups

Special Vacuum Cups

Within our range of special vacuum cups, we include a unique choice of vacuum cups that are tailored to suit niche requirements. Some examples of these are our PralineVAC cups that are used for confectionery products and our selection of SolarVAC cups which are ideal of providing suction to thin glass, foils and semiconductors.

Our range of special vacuum cups include:

  • Foil cups
  • MiniVAC
  • PralinenVAC
  • GrabberVAC
  • Flat rubber discs VAC
  • SolarVAC
Special Vacuum Cups

EOAT Equipment

EOAT (End Of Arm Tooling) elements and gripper systems are essential  components for customer specific handling processes including part removal, separation and insertion of products.

In addition to our comprehensive vacuum cup range, Morali Produktionstechnik GmbH now offers various EOAT solutions which can be viewed on our website.

Our range of MG grippers are a new addition to our portfolio, suitable for a huge mixture of different applications. We supply four different grades of grippers with two types of fastenings that include standard -Ø 10 mm clamps and a female thread in the body. Along with a choice of different jaws, our grippers provide a versatile solution for any space or purpose thanks to their various grip strengths.

We also provide the smallest micro gripper available on the market. For more information please contact us.

EOAT Equipment
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