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Resin infusion makes creating complex structures simpler, more cost-effective, stronger, lighter and more durable.

Resin infusion has many applications from superyacht decks to lightweight furniture and structural components.

Skills and Expertise

Whether your project is a two square metre cosmetic carbon fibre panel, a custom yacht construction, or a 600 square metre superyacht deck and super structure, we provide the support from concept through to fitting.

  • Full project management
  • Composite engineering
  • Unique in-mould veneers and finishes
  • Plugs
  • Tooling
Skills and Expertise

Superyachts - Weight Saving Structures and Furniture

We manufacture composite superstructures and one-off components for many of the world's top shipyards. By working with the shipyard's designers and production from an early stage, we can include and make provision for much of the infrastructure at the point of manufacture, allowing value engineering to be applied to its maximum potential.

To ensure there is no moisture trapped in the wood, we have created a laminate finish to prevent yellowing. We can also apply our unique in-mould veneer process to existing structures.

Superyachts - Weight Saving Structures and Furniture

Composite Boat Builder

The Morley 25 - Classic weekender racer/cruiser in composite.

The Morley 25 is built from composite with a unique low-maintenance, real wood veneer finish. She has been developed by combining a love of classic yacht design with advanced composite manufacture resulting in a yacht with exceptional performance and unique character.

Composite Boat Builder

Classic Weekend Racer

The classic weekender racer/cruiser in composite:

Today's answer to the small classic yacht, The Morley 25 is constructed from the utilisation of advanced composite techniques. It has a low-maintenance, real-wood veneer and boasts a combination of the advanced performance of today's composites with the look and feel of a real classic.

Her development comes from the combination of a love of classic yacht design with advanced composite manufacture. This results in a yacht offering exceptional performance and unique character.

Classic Weekend Racer

Lightweight Custom Yacht Furniture

Our lightweight custom yacht furniture is where beauty meets function.

We are experienced specialists in the creation of beautiful furniture from using modern materials and methods for yachts where weight is an integral factor.

We create impressive and beautiful furniture using our unique resin infused hardwood veneer techniques. The resulting furniture is perfect for a variety of applications including aeroplanes, superyachts, and cruiser/racers.

Lightweight Custom Yacht Furniture

Case Studies

Let us introduce you to the Maltese Falcon, a technologically advanced superyacht. The Maltese Falcon features carbon fibre resin infused rigging trusses.

The Maltese Falcon was commissioned in 2006 and remains one of the largest privately-owned sailing yachts in the world with a length of 88m (289ft). The ship was designed with an unmistakeable and highly advanced DynaRig, built in carbon fibre. Our technicians produced the 18 carbon fibre trusses for the rotating rigging. Split into 36 halves, the mouldings have detailed plants fitted to them to accommodate winches, strong points, access doors and internal bulkheads.

Composite Race Boat Technology

We offer a vast amount of services for racing teams and professionals working within the racing field. When boats are competing at the highest level, quality, weight and strength are key elements.

Our services include:

We deliver finished components quickly, through accurate sequence scheduling and 24 hour production. This enables us to complete high quality, top-level projects in short timeframes.

Composite Race Boat Technology

Superyacht Composites

We produce high performance composites for amazing, unique yachts.

We manufacture composite superstructures and one-off components for many of the world's top shipyards. We manufacture cost-effective decks and superstructures incorporating all of the detail shown on both the inner and outer surface of the CAD model.

Superyacht Composites

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