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At Motion29, we supply a comprehensive range of LED indicators and sounders in a wide range of shapes sizes and colours. Our LED indicators and sounders are suitable for a range of applications including signal towers, LED machine lights, explosion protection and traffic lights.

Cable Glands

We supply brass, metal and plastic cable glands, suitable for a wide range of applications including hazardous areas. Our cable glands are available in a range of sizes and colours at competitive prices.  

Radio Remote Controls

We stock a range of ORION radio remote controls for light and industrial applications. Our radio remote controls are simple to use and are available with up to 16 buttons and charger support with rechargeable batteries.

Gate and Door Control

We stock an excellent range of gate and door control systems to provide wireless security and monitoring. Our gate and door control solutions include loop detectors, switching units, motion detectors, and electric sensors.

Safety Mat Systems

Our safety mat systems are highly sensitive and sturdy, providing protection and detection of people or objects in an area. The safety mat systems are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements.

We have a selection of accessories including:

  • Ramp rails
  • Extension cables
  • Terminating resistors
  • Z-rails

Pressure Wave Sensors and Switches

We provide highly reliable pressure wave sensors and switches in a range of profiles with various contact sensors, operated by hand or foot. Our pressure wave sensors and switches are produced using tried and tested technology, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


We provide a range of connectivity solutions, including M8, M12, solenoid, and industrial connectors. Our connectivity solutions offer a wide range of receptacles, attachments and moulded connectors.

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