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Motivation Traffic Control Ltd

For more than a decade, Motivation have continually developed a full range of manual and automatic parking and security barrier systems. These are complimented by our range of access control products designed to cater for security and fee generation.

Today we are a leading single source supplier to a wide customer base representing virtually every industry sector, with an enviable reputation for quality and after sales service.

British made products, manufactured in new high technology premises, utilising the latest CNC machinery and CAD/CAM techniques, have recently led to their accredited to ISO 9001, further underlining our commitment to provide the very best quality and value for money.

Motivation Traffic Control Ltd

Tiger Automatic Traffic Barrier

The widely specified Tiger barrier is suitable for roadways measuring up to 7 meters wide, with a single or three phase mains supply.

Cheetah Automatic Parking Barrier

Suitable for roadways up to 10 meters wide from a single phase supply, with optional low headroom articulated arm.

Panther Manual Rising Barrier

A feat only made possible by volume production of the Panther barriers its high specification, low price and quick delivery period.

Puma Manual Swing Barrier

Another "best seller" the Puma offers all the features of the Panther barrier, but is designed to swing through 90 degrees in either direction from its closed position.

Roadrunner Vehicle Height Restriction Barrier

The Roadrunner has a deliberate family resemblance to our other products as as it is often used in conjunction with them. Designed to restrict access to vehicles up to 2 meters high (with + / - 100mm on site adjustment).

Parking Posts

An elaborate range of parking posts with a wide choice of finishes ranging from powder coating to natural galvanized (or combination of both).

Delta Sliding Gate

A fully cantilevered sliding gate system designed around an unique lower support beam profile thus allowing total opening widths up to 8.5 meters. Available in both automatic and manual modes.

S.H.B. Sliding Gate

A conventional floor mounted tracked gate system featuring totaly maintenance free ground roller bearings, with opening widths up to 14 meters. Again available in both automatic and manual modes.

Swing Gates

The complete answer to automatic swing gate operators, ranging from a light duty linear drive for pedestrian gates right through to our heavy duty operator capable of automating gates up to 6 meters wide.


A bar fencing system with its clean, attractive design quality in every aspect.

Batch Coded Card Readers

A simple stand alone magnetically encoded key readers.

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