Mouldline Ltd.

Mouldline have many years experience in mould manufacture, modification and repair. We have a laser welding facility for repairing damaged moulds and equipment as well as facilities for plastic packaging product design and prototyping

The services we offer include:

Laser Welding - Our in-house Laser Welding ensures a quick response when you have damaged tools or equipment.

Mobile Laser Welding - If your tools are too big to move we will bring our laser welder to you!

Product Design - we work with designers to transform creative ideas into effective designs, building in efficiency and minimising cost whilst still being technically innovative.

Rapid Prototyping - we supply dimensionally accurate blow moulded samples within 2 weeks of design approval.

Tooling - using the manufacturers technical details, we produce high quality moulds (sigle or multi-cavity) for any machine.

Tool Refurbishment and Modification - We'll eradicate those prominient seams or flashing
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