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Our replacement and capping fascia boards are available in a range of colours and effects including white, rosewood, black ash, mahogany, dark oak and light oak. Fascia is stocked in 5 metre lengths and in widths from 100mm upto 600mm.

Soffit Boards

Our soffit boards are designed to perfectly match our fascia range, available in white, rosewood, light oak, black ash, mahogany and dark oak. Standard lengths are 5 metre with 2.5 metre available if required, with widths between 100mm and 605mm.

PVC Guttering

Our PVC Guttering is stocked in round, square and ogee styles, with a vast array of fittings and downpipe available. Standard colours include include white, black and brown. A huge variety of sizes are stocked with a large selection of ancillary products.

Dry Verge & Eaves Protectors

Our Dry Verge and Eaves protectors are suited to a wide range of designs. These products are stocked in grey and are available in small or large quantities

Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding is stocked in large quantities, with white, mahogany, rosewood, black ash and light oak available. Shiplap cladding is available in lengths of 5 metre, with a free cutting service if required.

Window Board, Sills and Skirting Board

Our window boards, sills and skirting board is stocked in our standard woodgrain effects, these include black ash, mahogany, light oak, rosewood, dark oak and white. Boards and sills are manufactured from the highest quality laminate and are scratch and burn resistant. Lengths are stocked at 150mm up to an impressive 900mm.

PVC Architrave and Trims

PVC architrave and trims are stocked in a massive selection of lengths, widths and shapes. This range compliments our glazing and roofline products perfectly. A full range of colours and woodgain effects are available, with mastics and adhesives to suit.

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Our hygienic wall cladding is available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, with white and a range of pastel colours stocked. A range of profiles are available including internal and external corners, edging strips, jointing strips, skirting, adhesives and sealants.


Would it be possible to imagine your bathroom without the tiles? It definitely would not be a pleasant sight. Tiles can make or break your bathroom's decor, and thus it is imperative that they are chosen wisely. If you would like to go a step further than normal tiles, you should consider Multipanel.
These waterproof wall panels can give your bathroom a unique look and a pleasant ambiance. Besides being aesthetically appealing, multiPANEL wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. It is enough to wipe them with a soft cloth and some warm water.
There are 32 colours one can choose from. The designs come in different styles so as to make sure that clients' varying tastes and preferences are catered for. Some look like traditional stones, whereas others are more modern. There are both textured and glossy types too. The panels come in different sizes, and they can also be cut according to the client's requirements.
With multiPANEL wall panels you can say goodbye to tile grouting. In fact, these panels are bonded to one another by means of decorative laminate, which is much neater. It also helps the panels to be installed more easily, and durability is guaranteed.
Ease of installation is another advantage of multiPANEL wall panels. One can opt for the Hydro-Lock alternative, where the panels are installed to one another by means of a clipping system. Wet Wall Panels are 'lipped', and this enables the tongue and groove to basically lock into one another. There is also the option of 'unlipped' panels. This will enable you to install them by simply fitting them within the aluminium corner and end cap profiles that we supply.
All multiPANEL wall panels are made from hardwood waterproof plywood core. The panels would be bonded together by high pressure decorative laminate on the front part. At the back, a plain balancing laminate is used.

Bathroom and Decorative Panels

Our bathroom and decorative wall panels are the perfect alternative to traditional tiling and wallpaper. Panels are lightweight and extremely easy to install, not to mention the cost saving. A full range of panels and trims are stocked, with adhesives and fixings to suit.

Polycarbonate Roof Panels

Polycarbonate roof panels/sheets are desirably lightweight and are constructed using high-end polycarbonate. The main focus of this material is its duo of durability and strength, without sacrificing flexibility or weight. Perfect for extensive ranges in temperature, its most common applications are for outdoor usage.

Whether for DIY or trade use, this material is especially easy to install and monumentally tough to break. As testament to its integrity, polycarbonate sheets are used for bulletproof windows and compact discs. General uses include canopies, partition walls, verandas, potting sheds and car pots.

Polycarbonate roof panels could not be more popular, being weatherproof and possessing a long lifespan.

Snap Down Glazing Bar System

The Snap Down Glazing Bar System is designed to be screwed onto a timber base, and each of these length comes with gaskets and fixings.

The Snap Down Glazing Bar System is a cost-effective roof glazing bar, suitable for lean-tos and shelters among other uses. It guarantees quick installation as it snaps into place.

It also has a heavy duty aluminium base section with a tough UV stable upper section. It is suitable for polycarbonate 10mm, 16mm and 25mm.

Exitex Aluminium M2 Ridge System

The Exitex Aluminium M2 Ridge System is made from robust aluminium sections in three or six metre lengths, high quality, supple EPDM Gasket.

The Exitex Aluminium M2 Ridge System is suitable as standard for the ridge with a roof pitch angle of 15-35 degrees. If you require a steeper angle, from 35-50 degrees, remove the standard gasket and insert Hip and Valley gasket.

It is one of our more popular systems to finalise installations for polycarbonate roofing. The complete list of items: ridge capping, end caps, snap covers, ridge cresting, finial spike, fixing buttons. 

Clear Plastic Sheet

Clear plastic sheet is an adaptable product providing many applications for outdoor areas, as well as inside. With fire retardant properties, it will reduce the spread of fires and withstand an expansive range of chemicals. You can thermoform clear plastic sheet and bend it either hot or cold. It has great inherent light opacity superior to that of glass and an anti-glare finish on the reverse to dispel reflections.

We stock clear plastic sheet in water-clear, bronze, white opal and white diffuser, depending on the type of sheeting. For more information on colourings and sizes, please visit our website.

PVC Foam Sheet

As you might expect from PVC foam sheet, it is incredibly versatile, flexible and lightweight. Common applications are advertising boards and signage and there is a similar demand in the construction industry.

With PVC foam sheet, you have a choice between matt or gloss finish. It has great insulating properties and diminished heat transmission. It is inherently non-toxic and self-extinguishing meeting fire safety regulations. It is digital printing approved, can be vacuum formed, bonded, nailed and it displays a surprisingly low water absorption rate.

Sizes available: 1220mm x 2440 mm, 1560mm x 3050mm, 2030mm x 3050mm, in thicknesses of 1mm up to 25mm. A wide range of colours are available.

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