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Here at MP Storage and Blending, we have a fantastic choice of over 40 storage tanks on our five acre site. We provide integrated supply chain support, safety stock management or short term buffer storage.

Our tank hire facilities are constructed in carbon or stainless steel, and are capable of storing a variety of hazardous liquids. We provide tank hire with nitrogen blanketing and temperature control to allow products to be stored safely to specification.

Blending & Mixing

We use our expertise and production facilities for blending & mixing. We work within confidential service agreements for small scale development to full 30 cubic metre bulk blending & mixing. We pride ourselves on quality and service to ensure the final products are supplied on time in full and to specification.

We provide confidential outsourcing audits to identify production cost and working capital savings along with supply chain improvement opportunities by meeting unpredictable levels of demand through a flexible toll manufacturing arrangement.

Filling & Drumming

Our fantastic filling & drumming facilities handle road tankers, ISO tanks and shipping containers on a daily basis. We use our filling & drumming facilities to fill hazardous materials into IBCs, drums, barrels and kegs. We have a weighbridge and on-site laboratory to certify the correct quantity and quality of product is received. Our electronic documentation transfer process ensures customer's administration systems are always up to date.

Ancillary Services

We have impressive ancillary services to complement our storage, blending and drumming facilities. Our ancillary services include two warm rooms to prepare packaged materials for processing, and an on-site laboratory for retained samples and QC testing.

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