MRT Castings Ltd

We are specialists in gravity die casting, sand casting and high pressure die castings. Our service gives you a complete solution for your component requirements. We supply high-quality die casting products ready for use in the shortest practical lead times.

We offer a one-stop shop by machining, finishing and assembling cast components ready for your production line.

Our services include:

  • High pressure die castings
  • Gravity die casting
  • Sand casting
  • Toolmaking
  • CNC machining
  • Surface finishing
  • Assembly

Let us provide you with the complete service, saving you the time, frustration and hidden costs of dealing with a series of subcontractors.

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  2. Die Casting
  1. Aerospace Castings

    Aerospace Castings
    With over 60 years of expertise in die casting, machining and finishing we are able to accommodate the needs of many industries utilising our broad range of advanced machining facilities. Being specialists within high pressure die castings, sand casting and gravity die castings in non-ferrous metals, we are able to offer high quality, innovative and cost effective aerospace castings. Besides just casting, our experienced team are able to provide the complete service including machining, finishing and assembly services, reducing lead times and logistic and management costs. For more details on our many casting solutions please contact us.
  2. Aluminium Alloy Castings

    Aluminium Alloy Castings
    Here at MRT Castings, we are specialists in aluminium alloy castings, providing a range of high pressure die castings, sand casting and gravity die casting solutions to facilitate your exact requirements. All our processes are ISO9001:2008 accredited ensuring you receive fast, consistently high quality components that suit your specifications, producing very aesthetic and dimensional tolerant products. For more information on our aluminium alloy castings please contact us.
  3. Aluminium Castings

    Aluminium Castings
    Using various high tech casting machines that provide locking forces between 220 and 530 tonnes, and utilising the latest microprocessor controls with computerised real-time shot control, die-spray and automatic ladling, we are able to provide high quality aluminium castings. We are able to facilitate the needs of my high tech industries, providing a range of specialist gravity die casting, high pressure die casting and sand casting solutions. To complement our many aluminium casting services, we have a range of finishing, machining and assembling solutions to ready components for your production line.
  4. Aluminium Die Casting

    Aluminium Die Casting
    Our aluminium die casting is the shortest route from molten aluminium to the finished high quality component. This process meets the needs of many hi-tech industries, providing precise, fast, cost effective production of where a highly aesthetic product with dimensional tolerances are required. All our aluminium die casting is done to ISO9001:2008 quality standards, injecting molten aluminium into a hardened steel mould, then allowed to solidify under pressures produced by our die casting machines that can provide pressures between 220 and 530 tonnes.

    All our tool set ups are optimised to make processing cost effective and accurate.
  5. Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting

    Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting
    At MRT Castings, we produce highly accurate, cost effective aluminium high pressure die castings using the latest computer technology and machines to reduce finishing and tooling costs. By injecting molten aluminium into a hardened steel tool mould, then allowing it to set under high pressure, makes this process the shortest route from liquid metal to the completed components. This creates a component with high aesthetic properties and dimensional tolerances, meeting the needs of many hi-tech industries.

    All our processes conform to ISO9001:2008 ensuring fast, precise, cost effective productions, for more information please contact us.
  6. Castings

    With of 60 years of expertise and leading UK manufacturing facilities, we are specialists in providing high quality, flexible castings that meet the requirements of a broad range of industries. We supply our customers with high quality non-ferrous gravity, sand and high pressure die casting products, along with various machining, finishing and assembly solutions to provide the complete package. All our systems are ISO9001:2008 accredited, allowing use to provide consistently high quality complex, tight tolerance and cosmetically critical components to many leading aerospace, medical, electronics and defence companies.
  7. Castings for Lighting

    Castings for Lighting
    We facilitate the needs of many industries, offering a wide range of non-ferrous cast products such as our castings for the lighting industry. Using the latest technology and advanced machinery, we are able to offer flexible die casting, with short lead times, at very competitive pricings. We are able to provide the complete package from start to finishing, offering CNC machining, finishing, assembling and gravity, high pressure and sand die casting. For more information on our castings for lighting please contact us.
  8. Castings for Marine Electronics

    Castings for Marine Electronics
    Here at MRT Castings, we are suppliers to many UK leading companies providing specialist die castings to facilitate all your component requirements including castings for marine electronics. We are continuously investing in the latest technologies, offering some of the fastest and most versatile machines available to minimise production costs and strengthening product quality. To ensure you receive a one stop shop, we provide a huge range of services to ensure you receive the best non-ferrous cast products possible that include:
    • Gravity die casting
    • Sand casting
    • high pressure die casting
    • Finishing
    • Assembling
    • CNC machining
  9. Castings for Safety Critical Components

    Castings for Safety Critical Components
    Do you have a bespoke casting component requirement? Then MRT Castings are able to help, with over 60 years of experience in supplying customers with innovative, high quality non-ferrous products for a wide range of industries. From castings for safety critical components to complex aerospace castings, we have the knowledge and facilities to produce accurate, cost effective castings from a range of non-ferrous metals. All our systems are ISO9001:2008 accredited, using the latest inspection software, we guarantee highly consistent quality products.
  10. CNC Machining

    CNC Machining
    Here at MRT Castings, we continuously invest in the latest CNC machining technology, making our vast, modern CNC machining facilities the very core of our companies operations. We use some of the most versatile and fastest machines available, allowing us to provide short lead times, as well as reduce the logistic and management costs of dealing with multiple subcontractors. Our dynamic CNC machining facilities allow us to provide a single resource for casting, machining and finishing providing the complete solution to all your component requirements.