MS Protect GmbH


Our guiding principles are the result of a rigorous development philosophy.

Your machines are as valuable as the people that operate them – therefore you should protect them!

It seems evident to choose bellows by MSProtect:
• Extraordinary product knowledge
• High Quality
• Short delivery times
• Longevity
• Great adaptability to individual requirements
• Best value for money

At this chain of benefits beginning and end stands your bellow.

What hasn’t been in our heads beforehand will not be in your bellow in the end. Therefore trust the performance of our staff. Our specialists think customer orientated. Therefore you can expect quality for your safety: Verifiable and at all times!

The promise lies already in our name:
MSPROTECT = “Makes secure!”
Our experts care for a professional solution. And you don’t have to long for it.

Our products and services include bellows (boots), customized bellows, heat-resistant bellows, bellows of fabrics, chemical-resistant bellows, leather bellows, rubber bellows (folding), slideway covers and more.

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