MSA Foams


At MSA we tailor our service to suit your exact individual requirements. We custom design and cut foam inserts for almost any type of case or container. We also provide a nationwide remote product scanning service.

Case Inserts

Our case inserts are custom designed by the largest and most dynamic foam design team in the UK. Providing you with your exact requirements, to the highest quality. With use of our remote product scanning service, we can design and manufacture a foam insert with the exact dimensions you need to fit your specific goods.

Tool Control

Our tool inserts are specifically made to suit your tool set. Using various techniques we will effectively optimise the space available in a case that works efficiently. With the help of our extensive and industry leading manufacturing and design technologies, we can create a highly customised tool organiser for your tools in almost any case or container to suit your personal needs.  Our tool control service is available in basic foam inserts for your tools or custom made draws built into one of our many lines of cases.


We provide a wide selection of containers to suit any need or purpose. With our large facilities, we can stock cases varying in size, shape, protection and material in order to meet any brief. Our ranges include:

  • Pallet Containers
  • Collapsible Containers
  • Euro Containers
  • KLT Containers
  • Open-Front Boxes
  • Fabricated Containers
  • Single Use Containers
  • Cardboard Containers
  • Bonded Polypropylene Containers
  • Correx Fabricated Containers

Foam Packaging

Using our wide range of foam cutting technology and the biggest foam design team in the UK, we supply a wide range of industries with both single use and reusable protective packaging for items in transit. With their vast experience in the automotive industry, we are confident that our design team is the best in the UK to create the most protective and space saving packaging design.  Some packaging options include:

Peli Cases

We offer the full range of Protector, Storm and Air range from the Peli collection. Whatever your need, the Peli collection comes in a variety of both sizes and colours whilst at the same time ensuring the highest level of protection. All of the cases we provide, including Peli, are available with custom foam inserts.

Single Skin Cases

Our single skinned cases come in the form of our Rose Plastics and Plastica Panero case ranges, all available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. These cases offer a more cost effective solution to your packaging needs

Custom Cases

We offer a range specific made-to-measure cases in the form of our Exo and Extreme case ranges. with a choice between the aluminium bodied Extreme Case, or the extremely durable Exo-skeletal EXO Case. These custom built cases, with the combination of custom foam inserts, can make the ideal solution for your transitional needs.

Waterproof Cases

Our waterproof range consists of our Extreme, Peli and Dave case range, all available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific need. For a more rugged case, choose from our selection of tough, IP67 rated waterproof cases, in the form of our Peli and Dave cases to give your contents the best protection available.

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