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We specialise in laboratory design, manufacture and installation. We provide a worldwide service delivering modular cleanroom designs and other traditional constructions.

Our methods in laboratory design are tailored toward to standards of healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Cleanroom Design

Our cleanroom designs take in account your current facilties and provide options including traditional builds or factory-made modular options. Our cleanroom designs have applications in the electronic, research and pharmaceutical sectors.

Cleanroom Wall Panel Systems

Our cleanroom wall panel systems provide an entirely flexible layout with flush silicone-free joint details.

Cleanroom wall panel systems can be designed with integrated equipment, PVC faced steel wall systems and low level dividing walls. We can also design return air walls and flush vinyl coves.

Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

We provide a selection of cleanroom ceiling systems incorporating accessible walk-on systems to reach above rooms for maintenance.

Our cleanroom ceiling systems can include steel supports, lights and HEPA filters, equipment support and integration. We can also install walk-on cleanroom ceiling decks and supports for mechanical equipment above the cleanroom.  

Cleanroom Doors

We can design and manufacture a selection of cleanroom doors for a range of applications.

We offer 50mm flush door frames with PVC faced steel doors, fully glazed doors in flush frames and a cleanroom doors with a compatible rapid roll mechanism.

Cleanroom Glazing

We can install cleanroom glazing into windows in a variety of sizes.

We can provide full height cleanroom glazing, glazed doors in corridors, half glazed windows in doors and full height glazing intercepted with a mid rail. We also supply designs with large, glazed horizontal windows.

Cleanroom Flooring

Our selection of cleanroom flooring can be designed and adapted to any application and our wall-to-floor details permit use in a range of situations where antiseptic detailing is essential.

Cleanroom flooring consists of raised grid flooring for electronics facilities and vinyl flooring with different sit-on shirting trims.

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