With applications for Iris valves in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry sectors, we have designed products to meet your needs. Our Iris valves allow for full flow control and no jamming.

Mucon Iris valves can be supplied in either actuator or hand operated product models. Please visit our website for more information.


Mucon is a division of Process components Ltd. Mucon equipment has been used extensively in the handling of bulk solids for nearly seventy years. During this time Mucon has built up an excellent reputation for product know-how and application knowledge. 

Whatever the powder, granule or pellet, Mucon has a product that can help move it, control it and keep it moving quickly and efficiently.

Mucon has a wide range of Iris valves, Slide valves, Disc valves, Hygienic Butterfly valves and Discharge Aids.

Valve Manufacturer

At Mucon, we are an experienced valve manufacturer. We work hard to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the supply of iris valves, slide valves, disc valves, butterfly valves and discharge aids.

As valve manufacturers, we pride ourselves on:

  • product knowledge
  • application knowledge
  • understanding customer needs
Valve Manufacturer

Valve Spares

As a supplier to distributors and end users, we stock a wide variety of valve spares. As our products are used in a number of industry sectors, our products are available in a range of specifications.

We specialise in valve spares for:

  • Mucon
  • Kek
  • Gardner
  • PPS
Valve Spares

Valve Service

We provide a valve services from our facility in the North West of England. We specialise in all types of  equipment, including component and machine inspection, repair refurbishment and servicing. Our valve service is designed to maintain the integrity and longevity of our products.

Highlights of our valve service include:

  • intimate product knowledge
  • assist end users to increase productivity
  • bespoke spare parts for all manufacturers 
Valve Service

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Contact us on +44 (0) 1625 412000 to discuss your application requirements. Alternative you can email us

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