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Muirhead Aerospace is a world leader in the production and manufacture of motion technology. We specialise in Aviation, Defence, Aerospace Offshore and Industrial Market Sectors.

  • Actuators 
  • Motors
  • Gearheads
  • Synchros
  • Resolvers
  • Tacho Generators 
  • LVDTs
  • Encoders 
  • Seeker Head 
  • PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator)
  • VCU
  • Box Motor 
  • High temperature motors 
  • Stepper Motors 
  • Brushless Motors  

Muirhead's Innovative design engineering and exacting standards of manufacture have enabled approved supplier status to authorities such as the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO, Civil Aviation Authority and the United States Department of Defence as well as many of the world's leading high technology companies.

Muirhead specialises in designing products for specific applications particularly involving difficult to achieve performance parameters or operating conditions and have the capability to provide complete sub-systems.

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Ground Test Equipment

Muirhead Avionics provides after -market and maintenance services on a wide range of Civil and Military Aircraft Components and Ground Test Equipment. We are committed to ensuring that all maintenance and services are carried out in accordance with current regulatory and customer requirements. Our business / quality systems are fully documented and are flowed down to all employees in support of our commitment to supplying a first class service to our customers.

Ground Test Equipment

Optical Encoders

Optical Encoders
Muirhead design and manufacture Encoders for specific applications. The Encoder technology and expertise available at Muirhead is applied both individually for accurate digital position sensing and in the design of Actuators which combine motors and drives for motion control and positional information of a system.

Main Characteristics
The main characteristics which can give the encoder some advantages over other control components are extreme accuracy, signal stability, repeatability, low mass and inertia, ruggedness, wide speed range, digital data direct to control system, versatility with data codes, output types, sizes and the ability to operate from a DC supply.

Some of the more common Encoder products include:- Inclinometers (or clinometers), kit-form encoders, optical indexers, optical motor commutators, optical limit switches. These can be used in a variety of applications such as radar, gun laying, thermal imaging, avionics, missile fin control, simulators and astronomical telescopes.

Stepping Motor/Encoders
Torque Motor/Encoders
Limited Angle Motor/Encoders
Torque Motor/Roller Screw/Encoders

Optical Encoders
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