Mul-T-Lock (UK)


We offer wireless access control, padlocks and high security locks and aim to put your satisfaction first. We have expert teams specialising in customer service and internal sales to provide you with exceptional service.

We also have regional external sales teams and extensive and dedicated warehouse facilities. We offer outstanding product development, warehousing and logistics, marketing, finance, purchasing, and credit control.

We have a wealth of partnerships and access to world renowned brands to source a variety of wireless access control and security locks. 


The Mul-T-Lock brand provides a range of access control systems and high security locks to provide safety and peace of mind. We provide customised designs to suit for specific needs and have a range of solutions for different applications.

Mul-T-Lock cylinder platforms include systems such as Mul-T-Lock Interactive System, Mul-T-Lock Classic Systems and MT5 Cylinder. Our cylinders solutions include class room cylinder, UK Oval Profile Cylinder and Euro Profile Cylinder.

Our range of Mul-T-Lock padlock accessories includes items with various security levels and sizes. As well as Mul-T-Lock we supply Corbin and Chubb accessories and are dedicated o finding the right security solution for you. 


Corbin is a well-known brand who manufactures in Italy and provides high quality cylinders and padlocks. Their products are ideal for the consumer market and include padlocks produced in brass and hardened and armoured solid steel.

They also offer bike locks and chains suitable for bicycles and motorbikes.

Corbin cylinders come in a range of sizes and they also provide 3-point reversible locks suitable for timber doors. Their cam locks can be supplied with or without cams and they have a selection of locks and accessories that combine panic devices.


Nemef offer a range of bulglary-resistant locks  designed to meet the very highest security needs and environments.

Nemef's expert locks combine maximum security with durability and quality. Their multi-point locks are ideal for doors with height up to 2400mm and are easy and fast to install.

Ingersoll Security

We use Ingersoll Security for a limited range of products. Currently, our Ingersoll Security items include the Nightlatch, London Bar and Hinge Bar and the London Hook Bolt.

Medeco Security

Medeco security and locks have designed secuirty locks that are unrivaled.

Not only is Medeco's M3 lock designed with the best cylinder mechanism, but it has set new standards in the industry.

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