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Application areas for chamber machines:

Multivac chamber machines can be put to universal use: for fresh meat, processed meat, cheese, coffee, meal components, pistachio nuts, tomato powder, electronic printed circuit boards, money, sausages, lacquer, medical implants etc. Very small pouches can be sealed just as smoothly as large ones.

Pouches: materials and properties
Inexpensive PA/PE combinations
Temperature-resistant materials for freezing, pasteurisation, boiling
Shrink pouches
Pouches with an aluminium barrier for sterilisable preserved food packs

Attractive printing is possible!

Ideal for...
butcher shops and food retailers:

To package fresh meat, barbecue sausages and cheese for customers;
To prevent left-over products from drying out overnight or over the weekend.

...the catering trade:

Products portioned and cut in advance can be kept fresh in pouches. This is a way to make sensible use of "slow periods", to utilize staff capacity constantly and to avoid losses and stress.

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