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Lean Construction is proven to significantly reduce construction costs and speed delivery.  The problems of management and supply chain logistics are essentially the same in all industries; consistently getting the right quality of materials and people, in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time. Irregularity of workflow causes uncertainty, waste and delay. Numerous studies have highlighted the waste in construction, and it is a fact that infrastructure costs 20% more in the UK than in most of Europe. Lean is a proven methodology to reduce waste, smooth workflow and hence deliver projects earlier for less cost.

Project Management

We provide project management, programme management, consultancy, value and performance management during the construction of projects in the built environment. We have considerable experience of project management of projects from the very small to projects in excess of £100m or more.

You will gain the benefit of our considerable experience and we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and values.

Value Management

Achieving value for money on projects is more critical than ever.  It is vital that public bodies are able to demonstrate that they are delivering projects with maximised value and benefit to cost ratio.  Simple cost cutting cuts value and arguably as a result keeps the value for money of the project the same or worse.

We can reconcile the differing views of stakeholders, and internal and external customers to enable achievement of the greatest value with maximised benefits.  Focusing on the needs of just one stakeholder group unbalances the project creating scope for opposition and obstruction.  Too often consultation is inadvertently biased and carried out at too late a stage to effectively influence key decisions.

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