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Munters creates optimized indoor climate solutions for customers in segments like constructions, temporary&emergency, storage, printing&post finishing and for commercial and other public premises. Munters’ solutions raise customer productivity, quality and comfort based on efficient energy utilization. The Group has close to 2,200 employees in more than 30 countries.

Munters History

Our name comes from one of the 20th. Century's greatest inventors, Carl Munters.  Munters was the inventor of the first household refrigerator, the foam insulation and packaging material commonly known as Styrofoam, and a host of technologies used throughout industry today.  In all, Carl Munters earned more than 1,000 patents before his death in 1989.  Much of Carl Munters' later work has evolved into the products that Munters Corporation sells today.

Munters History

Heating Applications

  • Construction: Drying walls and floors of buildings, pre-heating & de-icing of machinery
  • Industry / Commercial: Workshops and warehouses with air ducting systems, drying raw materials and finished products, de-frosting
  • Temporary events / Emergency: Tents, exhibition halls, conference room, sport and recreational facilities, drying buildings after floods and weather emergencies, heating military and medical installations
Heating Applications

Humidification Solutions

  • Museums & Galleries
  • Printing & Painting
  • Post finishing procedures
  • Food storage
  • Climate control in Office complexes & buildings
Humidification Solutions
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