Murbek Engineering Ltd


Here at Murbek Engineering, we specialise in general precision grinding. We have full manufacturing capabilities including cylindrical grinding.

Our cylindrical grinding services include the ability to grind components from 3mm in diameter up to 508mm in diameter. We are capable of producing specialist components by using faceplates, jaw chucks and jigs/fixtures.

Internal Grinding

We provide advanced internal grinding, producing diameters on components of up to 256mm outside diameter x 1200mm long. We use a universal internal grinding machine with a innovative swing down internal head.

Surface Grinding

Our surface grinding expertise and experience allows us to surface grind flat and angled components. Our surface grinding abilities enable us to rotary surface grind components up to 600mm in diameter on our Churchill rotary surface grinding machines.

Blades and Knives

We manufacture blades and knifes up to 1800mm in length or 600mm in diameter. We will sharpen, set and fit blades and knifes

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