MuSol Ltd

Odour Control Systems; Odour Control Equipment; Odour Control Treatment

MuSol are specialists in innovative and effective odour control techniques for both municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Our unique product chemistry allows odours to be managed throughout the treatment process; our  odiur control equipment delivers the products safely and efficiently.

MuSol technology is being used globally to;
  • Prevent toxic gases coming into contact with employees.
  • Reduce complaints from the neighborhood.
  • Combat odour in treatment works, sewer systems treatment buildings.
  • Reduce corrosion of equipment at pumping stations, treatment works.
  • Reduce corrosion; sewer linings, manhole covers.
  • Prevent odours during transportation of raw sludges.
  • Remove odours from sewage cake during transportation and storage.
MuSol also produce odour control equipment to deliver the technology whether it be a simple dose pump or a fully automated dose control system. All bulk storage tanks are have telemetry allowing stock levels and product usage to be trended.
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