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MVIRO is specialist environmental engineering organisation providing bespoke design and installation packages, utilising the most advanced technology available to solve whatever environmental problems you may have.

The company specialises in:

  • The management of landfill leachate offering the design and construction of collection and treatment facilities
  • Industrial effluent management and treatment operating in a variety of industries such as waste management, metal processing/finishing and the food processing.
  • Biogas management and utilisation. the company has considerable experience in the management of landfill gas and the design construct and management of Anaerobic digestion plants.
  • Water recycling, the company has significant experience in designing systems to reduce water usage and the minimisation of effluent production in a variety of industry sectors including quarrying, poultry processing, metal finishing and abattoirs.

Waste and Effluent Management

MVIRO has considerable experience in all aspects of waste management. Some of our solutions feature leading edge technology for effluent management and combined heat and power (chp). The Waste Management industry generates some unique problems that are with associated landfill sites; in particular the production of landfill leachate and gas. Even after the end of their useful lives, landfill sites have to be managed for some considerable time to prevent environmental pollution hazards. Scroll down for more information on Waste Management including Anaerobic Digestion. More about MVIRO Waste Management >

Water Management

Effluent and wastewater treatment processes are essentially a series of operations, which separate various contaminants from either suspension or solution. These separation steps can be in a variety of different forms ranging from solid-liquid separation to gas-liquid separation. The process steps that make these separations possible can be physical, chemical or biological. More often than not they are a combination of all three. Scroll down to find out how we can help you with any water supply, usage and disposal processes. More about MVIRO Water Management services >


Quarrying operations inevitably impact on the surrounding water; environmental problems can result if appropriate mitigation is not in place. With developments in environmental legislation and the need for compliance, potential environmental effects of quarrying need to be understood and managed within this framework. Scroll down to see our solutions to environmental problems encountered by the quarrying industry, with particular emphasis on surface water collection and pumping and water contaminated with solids. More about MVIRO Quarrying >

Built Environment

With more pressure being placed on urban regeneration and many inner city schemes for development of post-industrial sites, developers need to be aware of key environmental issues and their remedies when considering a brown field sites. Clients as well as the general public now demand a cleaner more sustainable built environment. Scroll down to see our solutions to environmental problems associated with brown field development and contaminated land. More about the MVIRO Built Environment >

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