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MWA Technology, a leading independent metering supplier, has introduced a number of cost-effective products designed to capture various sources of data. The company takes pride in its range of meters all compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success, especially in our range of RHI compliant meters . Our staff has unparalleled technical product knowledge. This enables us to help you service your customers’ metering needs with confidence.

Our product range includes:

  • Gas Meters - Diaphragm, Rotary, Turbine, Ultrasonic, Variable Area, Insertion, Card and Coin
  • Operated Meters
  • Water Meters - Mechanical, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Clamp On, Insertion
  • Energy Meters - Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Clamp On, Mechanical, Insertion, Heat Interface
  • Pre-Payment Systems
  • Steam Meters - Variable area, Vortex, Insertion
  • Oil Meters - Mechanical, Ultrasonic, Vortex, Insertion
  • Electricity Meters - Directly Connected, CT Operated, Wall, Panel and
  • DIN Rail Mounted, Card and Coin Operated Meters and Timers
  • Automatic Meter Reading and Billing Systems
  • Meter Calibration and Commissioning Services

Gas Meters

We are specialists in providing commericial and domestic gas meters. In addition to accessories for most models of gas meter, we support the turbine gas meters, diaphragm, rotary and pre-payment gas meters.  

To ensure the proper operation of your gas meters, we also provide gas regulators and gas solenoid valves.

Gas Meters

Energy Meters

Our energy and heat meters provide you compact accuracy you need. We have ultrasonic and turbine energy meters. We also stock the sensors, ancillaries and other accessories needed for quick and accurate operation.

Energy Meters

Water Meters

Our extensive range of water meters covers all hot water meters and cold meters applications. Our quality water meters are available of types of applications. Our range of water meters include irrigation meters, WRAS-approved meters, Woltmann meters, hot water meters, and Actaris water meters.

Our technical and practical knowledge of water meters and metering equipment means we can supply all our customers with a truly one-stop-shop. 

Water Meters

Electricity Meters

We cater for a variety of electricty meters suitable for commerical and domestic uses. We supply single phase, three phase, Prepayment and Combi electricty meters. Many of meters feature a compact design and come with a "sealed-for-life" design to prevent damage or tampering.

Electricity Meters

Automatic Meter Reading

Our range of automatic meter reading products is unmatched and are designed to be utilised in a number of industries. They are designed to automatically collect data related to consumption, diagnostic and status functions. Our automatic meter reading products can be intergrated with a central database for billing, toubleshooting and analysis purposes.

We have automatic meter reading products for the following meters:

  • gas meters
  • energy meters
  • water meters
  • electricity meters
  • oil meters
  • steam meters
  • valves
  • oil fill and level systems
  • gas detection
  • gas proving systems
  • fire fighting
Automatic Meter Reading

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