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HR Software is increaingly being used by small and medium sized businesses to manage human resources administraiton. Myhrtoolkit is used the world over the effectively manage staff.

Myhrtoolkit is online so you can click in from anywhere.

Absence management

Myhrtoolkit is fantastic at managing absences online. So, for instance, employees can log in after a period of sickness absence and register a self-certified period of absence. Alternatively, employees who are off on long term sickness can keep you up to date with the relevant information.

Of course, manager can also keep a close eye on sickness absence levels with the myhrtoolkit reporting tools.

Annual leave management

Our online HR software is perfect for managing your employees' online holiday requests. With an online calendar available at any time, employees can make a wise decision about which holidays to book when. With bespoke manager approvals myhrtoolkit can do anything that your SME business might need on holiday management.

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