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Cleaning and Degreasing are an essential part of daily life for many businesses in the UK, from simple manual degreasing to automated operations vital to the engineering, manufacture and assembly of components and equipment.

Mykal Industries have produced a definitive product range for industrial degreasing which covers every aspect from maintenance cleaning to sophisticated process degreasers. This product range is essential for anyone involved in industrial cleaning and degreasing.

Industrial Products


Process Degreasers are a range of high powered natural solvents and biodegradable cleaners:

  • Solvent Cleaning - Cold
  • Solvent Cleaning - Hot
  • Semi-Aqueous Cleaning
  • Aqueous Cleaning - Spray
  • Aqueous Cleaning - Ultrasonic
  • Aqueous Cleaning - Soak
Industrial Products

Difficult Contaminants

Special Blends are a range of products designed for the clean up of difficult contaminants:

  • Adhesive Cleaning
  • Ink Cleaning
  • Paint Cleaning
Difficult Contaminants

Maintenance Products

Maintenance Products are powerful cleaners presented in convenient pack sizes:

  • Degreasing and Hand Wipes
  • Electrical Cleaning
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Equipment & Ancillaries
Maintenance Products

Pirvate Label Products

With such a diverse range across the Retail and Industrial sectors being manufactured under one roof, Mykal are in a unique position to offer an unparalleled range of Private Label products.

Our New Product Development programme has produced a wide selection of diverse solutions and packaging formats from liquids, wet wipes, gels and creams to aerosols, trigger sprays, sachets and tubs.
Pirvate Label Products


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