Myriad Technologies Ltd.

Myriad Technologies - you're in safe hands

What do we do
Myriad Technologies is the market leader in display merchandise security systems.

We are the market leader in the UK for several reasons:
  • We specialise in display security
  • We design and manufacture our own products - offering the widest range of security devices to protect a wide range of items
  • Myriad products are used by more retailers across the UK than any other supplier
  • Retailers choose Myriad because our products work
  • We sell more products than any other provider of display merchandise protection
  • We focus on our business to provide you with the best service
  • With our products at work you can get on with your business with peace of mind
Who chooses Myriad

In addition to the UK retailers, Myriad systems are used widely across Europe and indeed worldwide. Our customers use Myriad equipment to prevent theft, whilst presenting and maintaining attractive product displays. We know that all retailers are serious about preventing losses by theft - our customers certainly are.

Adding security systems to minimise theft need not compromise attractive displays, to this end we work closely with all departments including Security, Visual Merchandising, Design and Shopfitting.
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