Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, delivering to domestic and commercial clients and contracts internationally our dedicated team to the highest standard provide you with all the elements of a Bespoke Upholstery Sofa Furniture Service to customer specification.
From Bespoke Upholstered Sofa Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Wall Upholstery, all kinds of Vehicle Upholstery and Marine Grade tailored to your requirements, our Craftsman and engineers renew, repair, replace, adjust, examine, locate, design, fit and install from a 2,500+ range of textiles and fabrics, including waterproofing and vinyl tops.
With over 25 years of technical experience serving your needs, we are a one stop shop for all your wishes and dreams, confident that you will be delighted by our services, we would ask you to call us for any inquiries and quotes.
We are pleased to arrange appointments to discuss any Upholstery requirements you have from the large fittings to the small thread jobs, we are dedicated to ensuring a first class service from your initial consultation to your end remit and finished product.
Your home and vehicle could not be in better hands, anything you wish to create!
Your art and design can become reality, we measure to the exacting proportions and ideals you want to ensure the product you create is exact to all your needs.
You may have a furniture design, a colour or pattern, a complimenting or contrasting idea that you want to enhance your home. Our popular Wall Upholstery is very fashionable and found in more and more homes, some designs have incorporated various textiles and uses including our trendy headboards, natural leather and fabric furniture coverings to update and modernise or restore and revitalise.
You may have a vehicle you cherish, need restored, repaired or reupholstered from the vinyl top to the seat covers we can assist to ensure a high quality finish as good as new, no more depreciation let us renew with style, any colour, leather, fabric we transform! From Caravans, bikes, cars, trucks, buses and mobile homes we have the skill to ensure you smile at the finish line.
Our bespoke service affords you the reality of exactly what you want to your own specifications fitting in with your lifestyle and comforts, we install Pneumatics, LED Lighting, Fridge Coolers, Massage Pillows, iPhone Docs into furniture, our service allows you to make your living space work for you, you can have exactly what you want meeting all your criteria.
Our dedication to Customer Satisfaction is Paramount. Ensuring our reputation continues developing a positive outlook.
As part of our Marketing Strategy, developing long lasting relationships with Companies and Individuals, Domestic and Commercial, is high on the agenda.
Our Standards are high, when we deliver on a Promise, with a world of possibilities utilising our Bespoke Upholstery and Sofa Furniture Manufacturing Services, you are sure to be more than satisfied.
All our Products are Tested and Accredited to British Standard and Conform to all Regulations under the FFFS. We deliver our Products under the Sale of Goods Act/General Project Regulations.
Reputation in business is key and we aim high to ensure complete happiness in all projects we undertake for all our Customers
Welcome to a world of possibilities.

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