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NACOM Automation Ltd has over 40 years experience providing the industrial automation sector with high-end automation products. NACOM Automation Ltd also offers support, technical sales and engineering for an array of other industry sectors. We have worked with Rolls Royce, Indesit, Brammer, Kawasaki, and Johnson Controls.

System 100V

The System 100V is a compact control system programmable with Step®7 from Siemens or WinPLC7. System 100V combines a compact design with a maximum expansion up to 160 I/O points when plugged into expansion modules.

They are ideal for smaller and cost-effective applications and include:

  • Integrated work memory - operation is possible without additional memory  card
  • Integrated ROM memory for continuous saving of program and data
  • Integrated accumulator-backed RAM memory
  • Supports standard MMC cards for saving of program and data
  • MPI Interface on board
  • Application in centralized and decentralized areas are possible
  • Expandable by up to four signal and function modules from the VIPA 100V and 200V range
System 100V

Hakko Monitouch

We supply the Hakko Monitouch range including V6 series HMI, V7 series HMI, V8 HMI series, a selection of software, and Hakko Monitouch cables.

The Hakko Monitouch range is suited to a variety of applications dependent on power supply, insulation resistance, ambient conditions, and installation conditions.

Hakko Monitouch

MB Connect Line

The MB connect line has been specially developed for industrial applications and its small and compact design make it ideal for the use in DIN-top hat rails in switch cabinets. The MB connect line are available with modem interface connections, like Analoque and ISDN, making it globally usable.

The MB connect line has connections to over 60 different control systems, is password protected, and installed with automatic recall.
MB Connect Line


NetTEST II provides immediate and in-depth reports accurately revealing any errors in fitting and installation in PROFIBUS segments. The NetTEST II is not limited to diagnostics in running systems it also allows the installer to verify, after installation, whether any errors have been made.

The NetTEST II gives reports in short circuits, cable ruptures, broken shields, mixed up cables, wrong number terminations, tap lines, cable length, line impedance, and signal levels.



The Busmonitor is an excellent tool for commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics of networks. It can be installed on a portable PC and is ideal for regular, every day use.

It is easy to use and requires no time consuming training and guarantees a reactionless measurement during the operation of the bus. The Busmonitor can record and store messages in a range of different formats available for processing with an array of external tools.


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