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Whilst we specialise in re-usable interchangable name plate holders, we can supply them printed for you.

If you are looking for a  smart modern office desk name plate, we have a choice of aluminium finishes - brushed silver or gold, matt satin silver or gold, or a clean gloss white aluminium finish.

Name Plate Holders

If you are looking for something with a quality, stylish, contemporary design, then we have the perfect  office desk name plate holder.

A sleek, anodized aluminium polished mirror finish free standing sliding  desk name plate holder that accepts your own printed paper or card insert that you slide in and out and change as often as you need..

Available in  polished GOLD, SILVER or BLACK finish.

Name Plate Holders

Write on Wipe off Name Plates


Suitable for Professional Development training organisations or establishments where student turnover is high.  These  wipe clean desk table top plates are DURABLE and rigid.

Also suitable as Dri-wipe name boards in hospitals or other harsh environments such as catering or hospitality sectors.

Write on Wipe off Name Plates

Monitor Name Plates

We are always trying to develop new products to our range and so we can now offer many office computer nameplate re-usable holders.  They are all slide in re-usable  nameplate holders  that you can remove and change the details yourself as required. Various styles attach to the top of a PC computer by self adhesive,velcro.or magnetic attachments  Perfect for HOT DESKS, call centres Banking and Finance, Travel and  Finance industries.

Also Ideal for, communal offices, the Airline Industry and onsite Emergency strategic and operational planning setup's.
They continue to be popular within the Business & Finance sector, especially within the City of London and within national call centres..

Monitor Name Plates

Clear Acrylic Name Holders

If you are on a tighter budget, then consider these TRANSPARENT desk  name plate holders. They are durable and impact resistant.

RE-USABLE tent style, and double sided for you to insert your own printed card/paper inserts  just using a normal office printer.

Standard sizes:    210mm x 30mm     210mm x 50mm     210mm x 60mm     210mm x 75mm.

Other sizes smaller and larger can be made to order.

Clear Acrylic Name Holders
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