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It is no secret that businesses of all sizes are still struggling to secure the finance that they need to survive, let alone to grow and flourish.

Nor is it unusual for businesses to fear “rocking the boat” when asking for further financial support from their existing bank, just in case that Bank subsequently decides to carry out a comprehensive review and withdraw some or all of the existing banking arrangements.

Moreover, you are an expert in manufacturing products, a professional giving advice or a specialist in selling goods; but, once you have exhausted all of your existing High Street banking contacts, you do not, quite understandably, know whom to turn to for financial help?  After all, why would you – finance is not really your field?

That is precisely where Napier-Munroe Limited may be able to “throw you a lifeline?”  Since we are an established commercial finance brokerage, with knowledge of many different types of financial loans/facilities/services; and, of specialist financial institutions that may, perhaps, be able to help you – some of which you may never have even heard of?  We say “perhaps” because as brokers it is not our money; are dependent upon the quality of information that you supply; the inherent strength or otherwise of your business; the appetite of the financial institution(s) to lend at any given time; however, we work for you, are impartial and independent – nor do we give up sourcing funding for you very easily!

If any broker demands large upfront fees and “guarantees” that you will definitely receive funding, I would take their comments with “a pinch of salt”; since no reputable broker can give such an assurance?  All that we can do is to try to help increase the chances of you securing the finance that your business so desperately needs.  Quite often this may involve approaching several financial institutions and “packaging”, “blending” or “mixing” several different types of finance in order to obtain the overall amount of finance that your business needs?

At Napier-Munroe Limited we sincerely believe in the old expression “my word is my bond”; our approach is old fashioned in that we are only interested in building long-term business relationships with clients, fellow professionals and the financial institutions that we work with.  Nor are we “yes men”, we believe in honesty and professional integrity; and are not afraid to say “no.”  This extends to protecting the best interests of clients, fellow professionals and the financial institutions that we deal with; if we suspect something does not appear to be “kosher”, we shall warn the relevant parties, and, if necessary, authorities.

Our professional contacts are not only within the UK, but also globally.  It is not unusual for Napier-Munroe Limited to help with very high value commodity, real estate, merger and acquisition deals; which we are happy to help facilitate (on the clear understanding that we are acting in good faith and will not be formally advising either party); since our main focus shall always remain commercial finance brokerage?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment (in the case of UK clients) and/or to send details of your funding requirements –  Whilst we specialise in very high value loans, we shall endeavour to help smaller firms (including, if deemed appropriate) via our connections with other brokers specialising in such cases.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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