National Instruments Corp (UK) Ltd

We provide an eclectic range of data acquisition hardware, offering highly-functional technological enhancements and capabilities and increased productivity for software.

Our data acquisition hardware covers DAQ devices and modular systems such as:

  • Portable DAQ - USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Desktop DAQ - PCI and PCI Express
  • PXI Platform - PXI and PXI express

Modular Instruments

Imperative to the quality of performance and productivity of automated test systems, we provide high-grade modular instruments. They are cost effective and highly functional. Our top of the range modular instruments provide efficient test execution plus many other solutions. Options are available that can be applied to varying platforms.

Our modular instruments include:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Signal generators
  • RF and high-frequency devices
  • Digital multimeters
Modular Instruments

Instrument Control Hardware

We offer an immense range of instrument control hardware and software tools and solutions to improve upon cost efficiency and time management. Our instrument control hardware includes bus hardware for GPIB, USB, LXI and serial.

Products include:

  • GPIB Controller for Hi-Speed USB
  • High-Performance GPIB Interface for PCI
  • GPIB Controller for PCI Express
  • High-performance Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller
Instrument Control Hardware

Communication Buses

Our products and service include communication buses and protocols. Our communication buses and protocols are suitable for an eclectic range of devices such as smart sensors and single-loop controllers.

Products in our communication buses and protocol range include:

  • High-Performance LIN Interfaces
  • NI EtherCAT Systems
  • Industrial Protocols - Modbus, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP
Communication Buses

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